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The gang is somewhere in WWI looking for Jesus' blood. Sara has the spear in hand.

Only 72 hours early, they were looking for the segments again.

They must return to the vanishing point. Because I don't know why. 

But Mick has a very hard time seeing where Snart lost his life.

They get the piece of the spear and it's one piece again.

They need a vial of Christ's blood. JRR Tolkein just so happens to know about it.

Eobard is pissed. Damien takes their plan into his hands.

The team turns on Mick when Snart turns out to be alive and not the hallucination Mick thought he was. 

Amaya hears the voice of her mother begging her to keep her mother and her legacy safe.

Mick hears his parents telling him not to play with fire.

Rory chooses is old friend over the people who continue to screw him over.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Mick: Piece a cake.
Jax: You thought that was easy?
Mick: No. I want a piece of cake. And a beer.

Rip: What's the one thing that exists out of time?
Ray: No way.
Rip: Yes way. We must return to the vanishing point.