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Nate Heywood was beaten down in the hallway trying to make his way to Mayor Queen to talk about Ray, Sara and the rest of the Legends. He thinks they are in trouble. And he knows Oliver is the Green Arrow. Heywood is a time historian, but he really doesn't need to be one to put together that one week after Oliver returned to Star City, Robin Hood showed up.

Nate has all kinds of historical documents showing Ray's face and descriptions of Sara. Nate says the ship met an A Bomb three years before one was invented...at the bottom of the ocean. Oliver says they're not in trouble, they're dead.

Nate and Oliver are on the ship, which is keeping them in stasis. Oliver takes Mick out of stasis and he comes out swinging.

The Legends are in France to save the King of France, Louis XXIII...or to ensure the King and Queen have a sexual encounter that will carry on the France we've all come to know. The Queen, though, is kind of into Sara and they are making out while someone tries to take out the King. I suppose that's a form of protection.

From laser guns in early France to Nazis nuking NYC in 1942. Things can get out of hand.

Sara says it's Damian Darhk. She's getting getting some information in the library. Ray asks her if he can help with her grief.

After she walks out, Ray and the Stein realize they need to kidnap Einstein before the Nazis so they can keep him out of the hands of the Nazis, who used him to build the A bomb before its time.

Sara wanders off to find Damien Darhk and Ray follows.

Mick, Stein and Rip go to kidnap Einstein, where they discover he's a groping pig.

Sara wants to kill Darhk so he never gets the chance to kill Laurel in 2016.

The historical aberration isn't changed with Einstein's kidnapping. The bomb will still be dropped.

Needless to say, Einstein isn't pleased. But while he's the only man who can build an atomic bomb, he's not the only person.

The team ends up in a lot of trouble while fighting Darhk. Injuries and mistakes.

Jefferson realizes Rip has been teaching him about the Waverider. Rip knows his future may me somewhere other than on the ship. Jax laughs it off. Rip's not going to quit on them.

Jax sees a time scatter. Rip says it's a last ditch effort. They dive under the water in pursuit of the UBoat.

So everyone is time scattered except Mick (I knew you never liked me), who wouldn't survive the rigors of time travel. Instead, he puts him into a stasis and the ship meets an explosion.

Mick has no idea where Rip is, let alone anyone else.

Ray may be in the Jurassic period. Yep, he's in South Dakota 70 million years ago.

Firestorm is in England 831, wizards entertaining a little dude.

Sara was in Salem 1693 about to be hanged. She corrupted everyone in the village. In her defense, they enjoyed being corrupted.

Rip is either dead or lost in time.

By giving credit to his wife, the Nazis won't be able to get to her.

Eobard Thawne joins Damien Darhk. They're ready to move onto other things.

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