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Vixen is going all over the Waverider punching people and stabbing them. 

The only way she's stopped is because Nate turned metallic.

She thought Mick killed Nate, but Sara assures her that didn't happen. Sara will do what they can to help, but they have to think before they act because they're dealing with another time traveler.

Nate lands in feudal Japan, which is his jam. She ends up with a nice gal, but Ray doesn't have the same fate. The shoguns like his armor and take it away.

Nate tries to use his armor, but he doesn't appear to know how to use it. And unfortunately, he gets stabbed, which is really bad if he still has hemophilia.

He's trying to help her because she has to get married to the shogun.

The others find Ray's suit, stuffed with another dude. Who somehow figures out how to use it. How very felicity of him.

There is a message for Rip from Barry from 2056. He asked Rip to keep it a secret from the rest of the team, but Jax and Stein were listening to it.

Ray is trying to get Nate to turn on his powers, but it's not working. Ray wants him to stop whining because after today, Ray has nothing. The only way they can destroy the shogun is to destroy the suit.

Everyone makes out in the end except Ray, who is now suitless.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Vixen: How is it you people haven't managed to kill yourselves yet?
Mick: The day's still young.

Amaya: I'm sorry for knocking you out.
Sara: I'm sorry for locking you up. Call it even?