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Damien Darhk was removed from the timeline 31 years from his death.

Malcolm is watching Damien Darhk's death on TV when seconds later Eobard and Darhk appear in his living room.

Awww. An origin story. 

Thawne plays the tough guy, roughing up Merlyn and Darhk, blaming them for losing the medallion and blah blah blah.

He's boring.

Everyone argues.

Darhk tugs out Rip's tooth. It has bank box information on it. It's a Time Master box.

Stein and Jax go to Central City to confer with his daughter, Lily.

More arguing.

Everyone wants to torture Rip. Malcolm wants to use the dude for other reasons. All three dickbags threaten each other.

Merlyn is justifyably skeptical of Thawne. Why does he keep zipping away? And why does he need to rely on two boobs?

Why can't the team figure out it's Thawne?

What is the speedster trying fix or change with the spear of destiny?

Rip is forced to walk back and forth to the bank vault with Darhk and Merlyn talking in his ear while he wonders about rectal scanners when he doesn't know the access codes.

They're in the building where The 4400 was filmed, I'm fairly certain. 

Back on the Waverider, Ray and Lily are uploading data to Gideon. Upon their success, they celebrate with egomaniacal champagne and Mick grabs a six-pack. Then he lets the cat out of the bag. She's a time aberration.

She created an interface between a relic and a 22nd computer.

Woe is me. Lily is a time aberration.

How many times do we need to hear about how the aberration came about? Blech.

Darhk and Merlyn swordfight like toddlers, making Phil call them underlings and henchmen. Neither of them are Clint Eastwood, so they don't get to home with the gold. Only the fast guy can get Darhk to change his future and Merlyn to change his past.

So wait. Nobody bothered asking Stein who might be the speedster caught in this whole time melee?

Good golly.

Trapping Thawne in one place is as simple as killing him.

He's running from the Black Flash or whatevs.

How do you turn underlings into partners, let them help you.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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