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After the disastrous season two finale, the Legends of Tomorrow are split up on Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1 as Rip establishes his time bureau and dedicates himself to making time right again.

Sara, who is working at a generic Bed, Bath, and Beyond, is beyond ready to begin her journey through time as Captain Lance of the Waverider again.

Ray, who is working in Silicon Valley for a dating application after a woman "ran his company into the ground," is also ready to return to his role as a Legend and start fixing what they ruined in the first place.

Nate is working in Central Cit yas the vigilante Steel, but with so many heroes already in that town, he definitely wasn't living the life of excitement he had before.

Meanwhile, Jax dropped out of college as he was pursuing an engineering degree but missed actually just working as an engineer on the Waverider, and Stein perhaps had the happiest life of them all.

Stein spent his time off the Waverider with his daughter; he was getting to know her, and now he has a larger family than before because she's pregnant.

Missing is Amaya who decided to go back to her own time.

Will the Legends continue their journey?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Ray: Where's Amaya?
Nate: We kinda broke up.

Nate: Dammit, Wally, what'd I say?
Wally: I was supposed to save some of the bad guys for you.