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On Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 9, the team's grief over Martin Stein is put on hold when an anachronism appears in Viking times in the form of, wait for it... Martin Stein's younger self from 1992.

Unfortunately, Stein's displacement into this time period brought along a guest, too, which drastically changed time and the future. Instead of Christmas, Americans celebrated "Beebo Day," modeled after "Cuddle Me Beebo" or "the Blue God" that the Vikings decided to worship.

Martin bring Beebo with him altered history to the Vikings staying in North America and conquering the continent, founding New Valhalla, but when the Legends successfully destroy Beebo and change the future, it just creates another anachronism.

This one, however, is due to a larger cause: Damien Darhk. Appearing as the Norse God, Odin, Damien Darhk helps the Vikings conquer the continent and Christmas is known as "Odin Day" in the future.

The team, wrecked with grief, calls in help to stop this anachronism in the form of Agent Ava Sharpe, and her involvement both helps and doesn't help Sara as she attempts to find a solution to this mess.

Also, we learned that the Time Bureau put Rip Hunter in jail, and they don't believe the Darhks can be defeated.

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