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On Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 8, "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4," the conclusion to the epic story of Nazis invading Earth-1 from Earth-X comes with a funeral, and not one, but two weddings, which leaves the story open for all of the shows as they return to their own stories.

After attempting to escape Earth-X, Stein is shot by the Nazis as he ultimately saves the day, leaving him dead and Jax powerless as his life would have been taken, too, if they didn't take the "solution" that Cisco came up with to separate Firestorm and get rid of their powers.

Meanwhile, Overgirl is about to explode if she doesn't get Kara's heart, so the Nazis bring their Waverider over to Earth-1 to threaten Central City until the group of heroes hands over Kara so they can take her heart, but the team stands with their friend and takes on the Nazis, and wins, with Overgirl exploding into space and Earth-X Oliver taking an arrow to the heart.

But the crossover fun isn't over yet. After their wedding attempt was thwarted by the Nazis, Barry and Iris are married by Diggle, but that's not all. Sharing their "ceremony" are Oliver and Felicity, who, too, get married.

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