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On Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6, "Helen Hunt," the team travels back to Hollywood in 1937 when an anachronism appears in the form of Helen of Troy and starts riots between loads of men.

While there, Helen of Troy realizes the infliction her beauty has among men in the same way she did in Troy, and becomes convinced she is cursed to live of life of sadness and death.

In Hollywood, however, Damien Darhk arrives with his daughter/Mallus in tow to defeat the Legends and scare them into returning to 2017 and stopping their crazy Waverider journey, but Sara Lance isn't easily convinced.

When they attempt to save Helen again and return her to her time, Darhk shows up to stop them and Sara challenges him to a duel without magic and advantages, but the villain cannot be stopped so easily.

While Sara defeats him in combat, his daughter uses her powers and puts Sara on the brink of death, to which she is now on the Waverider in a coma for a few days to heal.

Amaya, however, finds a new foe in Kuasa, whom she later discovers is her granddaughter, just like Mari. What is she to do about this water-wielding relative of hers?

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jax: Look at my hands... they’re white.
Stein: And mine appear to be African-American.
Jax: You can just say black, Grey.

Nate: You’d think having a supercomputer would be helpful.
Gideon: Watch yourself.