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Nate figures out there is a pattern in the anchronisms and notices something in London 1895. He thinks it has to do with vampires. Mick is excited about the opportunity to slay vampires.

The pathologist doing autopsies on the bodies found a futuristic watch playing "return of the Mack" He stole it off a body and buried the body in a grave.

At the grave they find Rip he agrees to work with them and tells them he's no longe working with the time bureau.

He mentions an evil being named mollus.

Zari is caught up in a psychic that pretends to be her dead brother. When she realizes that she can't change the past, she goes back to apologize to her brother and hands over her totem. The woman uses it for mollus and as part of raising a body.

Nate was used as bait but Sara and Rip rescued him. 

Ray and Jax work on something to separate Firestorm and try it out on Jax, but the side effects affect his memory. They try to keep it secret from Stein but he finds out.

zari and Amaya connect over their totems and connection.

Damian Dahrk is raised from the dead. He kills many of the time bureau and others. Sara puts on her white Canary suit and fights him, but he escapes.

After Rip betrayed the Legends again, Sara turns him into the Time Bureau. He warns of a war coming and Mollus.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

As surprising as this may sound, I need the Legends' help.


Mick: Vampires, I waited my whole life to kill one.
Jax [about Mick's stake]: Do you just carry that around all the time?
Mick: My whole life.