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On Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 12, Sara Lance has her first date since before she went aboard the Queen's Gambit with Oliver Queen.

While her date with Ava was expected, their connection was unexpected. They genuinely enjoyed the date, enjoyed each other's company, but their respective teams kind of ruined the night for them because they're in charge of incompetent people.

And, when Sara leaves to help her team, Ava feels stood up and their evening ends on a sour note... at least until she boards the Waverider to discuss Rip Hunter and ends up fighting with Sara while Blackbeard and his crew board the ship from 1717, leaving Ava and Sara to fight six men.

Meanwhile, while their captain is on a date, the rest of the team tracks down the earth totem for their plan to stop Mallus, but they must deal with Blackbeard and his men, Damien Darhk and his men, and the Dread Captain Jiwe (Amaya) must take charge and find Blackbeard's cursed treasure.

However, plans go awry when Damien takes Amaya's totem, leaving them short yet another one, but, in the end, Amaya manages to snatch the earth totem.

Mallus takes Ray hostage.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

It seems my days of legending are over.


Amaya: Why’s everyone staring at me?
Mick: If there’s one thing pirates love more than treasure, it’s a good story.