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Charlie and Gary bring Constantine to the Waverider. Gideon tells the Legends that he has stage four lung cancer and that he'll die.

Charlie starts hearing voices.

Ava shows the Legends her new invention -- the Prognosticator. It finds potential Encores.

The Prognosticator detects a mysterious gangster stealing from a the Triad in 1997 Hong Kong.

Genghis Khan meet with the Triad, he wants to take over their gang.

A slow motion shoot out ensues between the Triad and the Legends with help from undercover cops. Khan gets away.

Ray and Gary take Constantine back to his house to figure out who gave him cancer.

Constantine meets with Astra in his purgatory and she tells him she's sped up his cancer.

Nora makes her godchild wish Constantine wasn't sick. It doesn't work.

Charlie shapeshifts into a Triad member.

Behrad tells Nate that him and Charlie slept together after Heyworld. He's mad at her because she ghosted him.

At the Triad meetup with Khan, the Legends learn that they kidnapped the cop from the shootout and that Prince Charles is their target. Khan wants Charles to hand over Hong Kong to him.

Khan kills the cop with a sword from hell.

Charlie leaves the Waverider.

Khan and the Triad steal Nate's scooter design and manufacture multiple of them so they can weave in and out of the gridlock to get to Prince Charles' motorcade.

Behrad follows them and they capture him just as they get Prince Charles.

It is revealed that Charles is Charlie in disguise. She shapeshifts back into her true form when Khan threatens Behrad's life.

Khan orders his men to kill Charlie.

Behrad uses the Air Totem to stop bullets from hitting Charlie and Charlie stabs Khan with his hell sword.

Charlie tells the Legends that she is a Fate -- Clotho, the Spinner. She destroyed the loom she used to predict people's futures. She thought no one should have that much power.

Charlie's sisters have been after her since she destroyed the loom. She spread pieces of the loom across the multiverse, which took away their powers.

Now that the multiverse is gone, the loom is all on one plane.

The Legends convince Charlie to stay.

Sara returns.

Constantine gives Gary his house in his will.

Ray tells Constantine and Gary that he plans on asking Nora to marry him.

Constantine poisons himself. 

Constantine convinces Astra that he can bring her mom back and fix her fate. She brings him back to life.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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