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Atropos and Lachesis find out that the Legends escaped from their television shows.

Constantine, Sara, Astra, Zari 2.0, and Behrad find the Loom in the Loom Temple of the Fates.

Ava, Zari 1.0, Nate, and Mick find the Waverider in the Forbidden Dump, but Gideon is nowhere to be found. Mick leaves to find Lita.

They use Nate's powers to power up the ship and get it in the air.

Atropos attacks Sara.

Constantine and Astra try to destroy the Loom, but they can't. Behrad and Zari 2.0 push Atropos into the Loom, it entangles her, and Sara pulls her string out. It strangles her and she dies.

They all get on the Waverider, minus Mick, and jump through time a few months. They crash land, and Sara discovers that she can see again, but no longer has her powers.

They realize Charlie and Lachesis rebuilt the Loom back and created the Fate Watch with it that everyone is wearing.

The Fates created a museum that trashes on free will and glorifies being told what to do and how to think.

Behrad sees glimpses of how he died in Zari 1.0's timeline.

Mick, Lita, Mona, and Gary find the Waverider.

They find Charlie in the Hall of Villains in the museum and take her back to the Waverider. Charlie is convinced that Lachesis saved everyone when she rebuilt the Loom.

The Legends teach Charlie about free will.

Behrad notices a bullet wound forming on his chest.

Both Zari's, Behrad, and Constantine track the Loom, but they find Gideon instead. Lachesis is using Gideon to control everyone with the watches.

At the grand opening of the museum, the Legends distract Lachesis while both Zari's shut down Gideon. Lachesis brings back a group of Encores.

The Legends fight the Encores, but they won't stay dead without hell weapons.

Lita convinces Charlie to help the Legends. They bring them hell weapons and they defeat the Encores, and Charlie stands up to Lachesis, who no longer has power.

After seeing Behrad dying as a result of a temporal disturbance of two timelines, Zari 1.0 goes back into the totem.

Astra gives Constantine his token back.

Charlie decides to leave the Legends.

Sara gets abducted.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

You know, if you make life bleak enough, people become so focused on survival they forget they can revolt.

Zari 1.0

Zari 1.0: Yeah, well, our ride is still very much MIA, so don't destroy the Loom until we find the ship.
Zari 2.0: She has a weird voice, right?