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The Legends return to the Waverider after bowling.

Zari 1.0 returns to the Air Totem and Zari 2.0 returns to the team.

Gideon's jump drive is damaged because of Constantine's spell that got the ship to the bowling alley. Because of this, it will take them three weeks to get back to Earth.

On Day 1, the Legends realize they have to conserve power if they want to get home as fast as possible.

Constantine experiences side effects from using his magic, so he takes more of the potion.

On Day 3, Behrad and Constantine get into a fight over yoga. Sara proposes they play Gary's game -- Beast/Slayers -- to ease the tension. They each select a character, and they have to determine who the beast is who is killing people.

Constantine uses his magic to make the game real. They each become their characters and the spell makes it look like they are in Constantine's mansion.

Gary and Mick are left behind. Gary narrates the game and helps to move it along from the ship.

Gideon receives a distress beacon from an approaching vessel. The ship docks on the Waverider. The person onboard is Kayla.

In the game, the beast selects their first victim -- Ava. The rest of them accuse Nate of being the beast, but they are wrong. He is stabbed in the back and his dead body lays on the floor.

Sara realizes that they are all becoming like their characters the longer the game goes on. She is the next to die, even though she was just about to reveal that she was the beast.

The rest of them pull out their cards that tell them if they are human or the beast, but they are all blank.

Spooner pulls out Sara's. It reads "You're all going to die in here."

Mick prints a new tentacle for Kayla. She tells him that she can fix the jump drive.

Gary tells Mick to not tell Kayla that he's pregnant because she could deem him an unfit parent and knock him out and eat his brains.

Constantine tries to get them out of the game, but he can't. They have to kill the beast.

Constantine takes more of the dark magic potion.

The beast kills Spooner and Astra. Behrad and Constantine blame each other, putting Zari in the middle of them.

Kayla betrays Mick and Gary. She is working for Bishop because he saved her. She uses the meat printer to print a new body for Bishop. Just before she is about to kill Mick, he tells her he is pregnant. She knocks him out.

Zari tells Behrad that she loves Constantine.

Constantine is confronted by the beast. He tells him that with every sip of the potion he takes, the beast becomes stronger and so does the game. The beast reveals himself to be the dark version of Constantine.

Constantine and the beast face off. Zari and Behrad run to them, and Zari stabs the beast in the back.

The Legends wake up on the Waverider. They are back on Earth.

Behrad heads to 2044 to visit his parents.

Constantine goes back to this mansion. He tries to get rid of the rest of the dark magic potion, but he can't. Zari sees a wound on Constantine's back from where she stabbed him.

The Legends find Mick passed out on the ship and Gary in his alien form.

Sara hears David Bowie's song about her on the ship.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Sara: What about Group D?
Ava: Yeah, well, those are the people who it might be better that they don't know we're getting married until it's too late.
Sara: Why is Barry Allen on this list? I love Barry.
Ava: I know you do, babe. But you know that if Barry and Iris show up, there is a hundred percent chance that our special day will be blown up by a supervillain. So, Group D.

Zari: It is time for us to swap back. It's not forever.
Nate: I know. We got this.