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In London in 1977, Mick and Ava wake up after a night of partying. They realize the rest of the Legends are missing.

They follow a clue on Ava's hand to Zari and Constantine's hotel room. From there, they find Astra at a poker game and Behrad on the street.

They find Nate with David Bowie at a club. Bowie is singing about Sara getting abducted by aliens. He caught it on film. Ava wipes his memory.

On the tape, Sara tells Bowie that she was going to propose to Ava.

Sara wakes up on an alien spaceship. She finds Spartacus and frees him.

Constantine, Zari, and Astra go to his mansion to try to find Sara using Constantine's psychological connection to her. He can't reach her.

They find a human-size chrysalis in Gary's room and glasses that change a person's appearance to look like Gary when put on.

Sara and Spartacus find the aliens commanding the ship. They kill Spartacus. Sara confronts an alien, but it's actually Gary.

Gary is an alien who was sent to Earth to abduct Sara. He couldn't once he got to know the Legends, but his boss, Kayla, found them.

Behrad and Mick find Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz, who is an alien expert and claims she has an alien communicator in her head. She captures them and ties them up.

The Waverider rescues them and takes Spooner with them.

Kayla puts Sara back in her pod.

Constantine and Spooner perform a ritual to use the alien communicator in her head to find Gary.

Ava steps in and connects to Sara. She tells her that she will marry her.

Zari forces Constantine out of the ritual with the Air Totem when she sees it's killing him. The ritual stops.

Sara breaks free of her pod. Gary opens a wormhole. Sara throws Kayla off the ship into the wormhole.

Gideon can't detect anything out of the ordinary in Spooner's head.

The Legends watch as aliens enter the timeline through the wormhole Gary opened.

The wormhole closes before Sara and Gary can go through it.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Behrad: Maybe she's with Nate. He was headed back to the club.
Mick: Back? Why?
Behrad: You missed Starman at the after-after. He said he had to prep for his show there tonight.
Ava: What the hell is a Starman?
Behrad: Major T? Ziggy Stardust?
Constantine: Bowie! He's talking about David Bowie.

Zari: I'm glad you're in a good mood, though.
Constantine: Well, why shouldn't I be? You see, my soul finally belongs to me, Astra is redeemed, and I get to wake up next to you, you Lovely creature.