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Mick survives the explosion set by Bishop on the Waverider. But the bomb obliterated Gideon's mainframe. Bishop steals Kayla's ship.

Behrad returns to the Waverider.

Zari and Astra return and tell the team that Constantine is dead, and the Fountain of Imperium was destroyed. All that was left is a tiny mushroom.

Spooner is dying at her mother's house because she was linked to the Fountain.

A couple of aliens land on Earth. They send a beacon to their friends, telling them that the Fountain isn't protecting Earth anymore.

Behrad tells Zari that he believes that Constantine isn't dead. He is trapped in the mushroom. But she doesn't want to hear any of it.

Kayla gets Gideon back online. Bishop left a recording behind for the Legends. He says he's the only one who can save the Fountain.

Nate comes up with an idea to get the younger version of Bishop in the year 2212 to save the Fountain. Ava and Nate find him and bring him back to the Waverider.

Young Bishop starts to make an antidote for the poison John gave the Fountain.

Behrad eats some of the mushroom and hears Constantine talking to him. He wants to talk with the rest of the Legends and help them bring back the Fountain.

Sara eats a bite of the mushroom and talks to Constantine. He tells her that the Fountain no longer deems human beings worthy of its protection. His life force is the only thing keeping the Fountain and Spooner alive.

Constantine then tells her the secret to life.

Sara returns to the Waverider and tells the team that John said, "We are all connected."

Young Bishop cures Spooner with the antidote.

Alien pods land on Earth.

Spooner doesn't feel the aliens anymore.

The Legends have a few more hours until the aliens leave their pods and attack. Sara proposes that she and Ava get married before then. Ava agrees to do it.

Spooner tells her mother to leave before the battle.

Ava asks Gary to walk her down the aisle.

Sara and Ava say their vows, but Bishop arrives in Kayla's ship before they can say, "I do."

The aliens come out of their pods. The Legends barricade themselves in Spooner's mom's house.

Behrad gets infected by one of the aliens. Spooner is able to give Sara's powers to Behrad so that he can heal before the venom kills him.

Kayla holds off the aliens while Sara and Ava exchange their "I do's" and officially marry. Their union pleases the Fountain, and it obliterates all of the aliens.

Mick and Kayla's babies hatch and eat Bishop.

Ava wipes Young Bishop's memory, and Nate sends him home.

Constantine sells his soul to a demon and comes back to life. He decides that he has to leave the Legends. Before he goes, he gives Zari a key.

Mick leaves the Legends to raise his kids with Kayla.

A ship destroys the Waverider.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Behrad: I don't think John's dead. I think he's inside this little guy. Just look and listen and clear your mind.
Zari: Are you high right now? Did you come to me after John died stoned?

Sara: Mick, you okay?
Mick: Charred. Nothing new.