Strange Occurences - Dead of Summer
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Drew begins to have flashbacks of a little girl holding a red balloon, a girl that resembles a demon of some sort, but is actually a reflection of Drew as a child.

Andrea, as his mother and fellow campers at Camp Stillwater knew him, always knew he was a boy trapped in the wrong body, but it wasn't easy to get his mother to understand and accept that. And in a way, she finally did.

After catching him sneaking out and seeing him happy for the first time probably ever, his mother called the therapist back and accepted that Andrea was always Drew.

If only it were that easy. No, his mother then proceeded to pack up their entire house and move, leaving Drew behind with a picture of the little girl and a note. She couldn't accept that the little girl she gave birth to was gone, but she could accept that her child was Drew. But Drew was a constant reminder of her loss.

Meanwhile, Jessie finds out about Drew's secret and they form an unlikely friendship, while Amy undergoes some possession and sleepwalks into the lake, showing us the demon that resides in it for the first time.

Dead of Summer
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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jessie: Are you threatening me, Andrea?
Drew: Just making it clear we both have a secret. You keep mine, I'll keep yours... And it's Drew.

Crap like this doesn't actually happen in the real world.