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Camp Stillwater has taken yet another victim: Joel.

After Damon and his satanic crew began the ritual to summon the demon, they ultimately ended up killing themselves. The final part of the ritual which led the demon to, unbeknownst to the others at Stillwater, take possession of Amy.

Garrett deals with the aftermath of killing Boyd and his suspicion that things aren't truly over at Camp Stillwater, which is only exceeded by the eclipse that wasn't supposed to happen.

An eclipse that gave Jessie a vision of Cricket, or rather Holyoke in a familiar form, to put his bones in the lake or everyone would die. Jessie conceded, not able to trust even herself with this task, and was transported to that past.

To that very first scene in the pilot where Holyoke is dragged out, accused of murdering those in the lake.

But he was innocent. The satanists framed him for the murder of his people, those who were attempting to purify the lake and keep the demon at bay.

Meanwhile, Demon Amy causes shenanigans with her fellow campers, and her life is left in peril as Holyoke takes a humanistic form to save Amy from the demon's grasp.

Dead of Summer
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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I wanted to give you the best summer... I'm so sorry.


Did you not remember that I have my Northwestern interview in two days?