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Deb flashes back to her summer as a counselor at Camp Stillwater, where she had a fleeting, yet forever, love affair with a fellow counselor, Keith.

Though they split over different life ambitions (he wanted to be a writer and travel the world, and she became a lawyer to save the world), they repeatedly met up throughout the years, even as Deb was married to another lawyer. Her marriage made her obviously miserable.

When Keith returned before, he asked Deb to return to Stillwater and relive the memories of their youth together, but she was stricken with conflict deciding between this man who broke her heart, and her husband, even as she may not have loved him.

Keith shows up at Camp Stillwater after Cricket's death, asking for the same thing, and Deb gives in this time. Only Keith died of an overdose when he returned previously, and this was Deb seeing the ghosts of her past.

He forewarned a dark event happening at Camp Stillwater, one which Deb will need to save the kids, which is why she couldn't join him.

Meanwhile, the counselors use a ouija board to contact Cricket and find out how she died, but the possession of Amy leads to two unexpected results. One, Holyoke will not stop until Amy is dead. And two, Jessie helped Garrett uncover a string of murders at Stillwater for the ritual, and we finally found out what happened to Blotter.

Dead of Summer
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