Helping Shelby - Debris
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A young man named Shelby runs down a rocky cliff and jumps into the ocean where he stumbles onto some debris and loses his oxygen.

At home, he finds a kid named Mac, who he doesn't know. Mac screams at him. He's Shelby's brother. But Shelby wants to know where Kathleen is, and Mac says he doesn't have a sister.

Shelby looks out the window toward the ocean. Oh God.

Finola wonders what they're going to do about Maddox. Since Bryan doesn't think Maddox knows what they're up to, he just wants it to play out.

Finola holds Maddox responsible for George's suicide since they took systematically took his work away from him.

Bryan wonders about Ferris, and Finola thinks she's going to play along.

They get Shelby's case just before they arrive at a cabin. It's owned by someone named Garcia that both Bryan and George know. there's something wrong with Garcia's eyes. He wonders if Bryan is still taking the injections since he looks healthy.

Finola tells George they'll be leaving him there for Washington.

Shelby answers the door. His parents are traveling. They won't be back until the end of the month.

Shelby's brother is down, and he calls him Steven. Shelby knows it's part of a crashed alien ship since they found it, examined it, and went in it. They kept going in, and now, every time he goes there, his reality changes, but Kathleen never comes back.

Shelby's not impressed with their threats that he won't be using the debris anymore because they've been there so many times. George has been helping him, and if he understands, then it's like Shelby is plucking cards of the universe, and they need to call him now for more information.

George has ideas, but Shelby is skeptical. George says it's important for Shelby to remember whether he saw colors when it happened, and then he asks to speak with Finola privately. George says Shelby must accept his fate. Accumulated jumps are damaging the universe. Finola wonders why Shelby said it was the other way around. George has no idea, but they cannot let him jump again.

Every time Shelby makes that jump, it looks like he's going to smack against the rocks.

They're reset with George on the road again. Another deer is on the road this time.

This time, when they arrive, there is a "come in" sign on the door. Mac is back at the house. Bryan wonders how Shelby knew his name.

George wishes he could have done more for Garcia. He did as much as he could, but Maddox.

Garcia wonders if George regrets creating Orbital. When he heard about George, he thought it was ironic. George blames the Americans for all the problems. George thinks Garcia should accept his fate. The risks outweigh the benefit no matter what. George believes Garcia knew the risks.

George wants Shelby to remember the exact shades of color and the lengths and spectrums of each.

While upstairs, Shelby sees his sister in a mirror reflection. He's jumped again.

In this reality, Bryan is with a guy named Neils. Everything plays out pretty much the same. Shelby explains what's happening and his need to talk with George. But, George is dead, so Shelby heads off to jump again.

Bryan is the constant, but Finola is out of the next dozen times until Finola is back again.

The room is full of mirrors now, and Shelby doesn't hesitate to tell them what he sees. Finola sees her before Shelby.

Vince from the restaurant confirms a reservation with Maddox, but his wife isn't having a meal with him. Maddox heads out to spy on Julia.

Julia hired a divorce attorney. She says Maddox tries so hard, but she wants him to stop. He assures her that the accident wasn't her fault. She wants him to stop pretending that it's in the past. Maddox thinks they can get through anything together. But she can't live with his forgiveness anymore when she feels the pain of what she's done every day.

George thinks that the debris might be reading his desires and shifting him to a different reality to see them through. George says desires are a tricky thing. Sometimes, what we think we want and what we actually want are very different.

That's when Shelby reveals that Kathleen is his twin, and she's so perfect that sometimes Shelby wishes she had never been born, but he assures Byan that he doesn't feel that way at all now.

George says that glass is very peculiar in that its imperfections affect the flow of light waves, and mirrors are the promise of what's to come.

This time, when Shelby jumps, Bryan goes in after him. Bryan goes back in time, but he knows what's happening now. He's with a different woman and knows that reality is resetting. Bryan approaches Shelby with his eyes wide open.

In the living room, there is a bleed-through from another reality. Bryan doesn't even know what that woman's name is, although they were partners for five years. Bryan wants to get his reality back, and he calls MI6 to speak to Finola when he learns that George was killed in a raid.

Bryan asks Finola about the soldier and the penguin as it relates to his reality, and he needs Finola's help. She shares the story of the soldier and the penguin.

Grace calls Maddox who tells her to stop Bryan whatever the cost. Finola asks who Bryan is trying to get back to. Her.

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Debris Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Bryan: Finola, I'm trying to get back to somebody who is very important to me. Please. How can I know all this if what I'm saying isn't true? He said that there was something in the story that could help me.
Finola: It's about the soldier who guides a penguin across the desert to be with the one he loves, and over the treacherous passage, the penguin asks the soldier why he risks his life guiding others to their hearts desire. He asks if he wishes he had something to cross the desert for, but the soldier just says no. And once they reach the destination, the penguin thanks the soldier and shares a observation. He tells the soldier, "You fight so bravely because you have nothing, you want nothing because you are afraid to have something to lose because if you did, your heart would no longer be steel. The point of the story-
Bryan: You can spend a lifetime hiding from yourself what you truly want.

What are you, a grizzly tracker now, Neils? How do you know the wind's coming from the northeast?