The Sky Is Falling - Debris
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Innocents on a bus are getting to know each other when everyting goes silent. The bus disappears into the street, and shoots out elsewhere. One man survives and crawls out, only to be met with someone standing there glaring at him.

Finola contemplates while Bryan sleeps on the floor of the plane. A new case file has arrived, and Bryan would like to see the message. She wonders why when he never reads it anyway. They're still at odds.

Bryan tries to reconnect with Finola, suggesting that they will not always see things the same way and can make their own judgement calls. She says they're all good.

The theory on the bus is that it went through a wormhole. The survivor is gone. He has to be somewhere.

A piece of debris capable of doing this was stolen in January, and later, there was testing of it that didn't end well.

Finola discovers someone watching the bus disappear, arranging for the man on the other side to collect his discarded coffee cup.

They've found the crash survivor who has been shot through the head and missing samples.

Finola and Bryan agree that it's INFLUX. They could possibly be testing the debris for sale on the black market. The file that would show its usage has been deleted from their database. Something is going on.

Ferris checks in with Finola who is wondering what in the hell is going on about her father. Did someone take his DNA and recreate her father? Ferris has no news. She thinks that her father is at the root of the increased testing. He's being used.

Finola is exasperated at the secrets the US is keeping, but Ferris reminds her that they're keeping secrets, too.

Suddenly, the high-pitched whine that came before the last experiment is heard. The Russian is twiddiling his thumbs. It's going to happen again.

Maddox and his wife are in therapy. She wants to move to Houston so that their son can go to the Goodson clinic. She wants to try something new. Maddox balks. He's getting the best care here. Maddox's wife thinks that the therapist isn't on her side. Maddox assures her that he's always on her side.

When Bryan asks Maddox about the file, Maddox blames MI6. Bryan and Finola are getting used by their handlers.

Dee Dee calls Finola to find out about a song they loved. She's outside the hospital because her boyfriend got carried away tonight. Dee Dee remembers listening to that song with Finola and feeling good.

Instead of giving her what she needs, Finola tells Dee Dee to go home and sleep. They change I love yous and hang up.

As they realize that INFLUX members checked in across the street, the bald man emerges. Rather than talk with them, he shoots himself in the head.

Another will rise in my place. This technology will be free, the man said. Finola thinks they're zealots.

Ferris wouldn't send the file to her and tells her where to go to receive it. A man in a van delivers it on a thumb drive.

The video footage is quite disturbing. Bryan enters as she's viewing it. Maddox told Bryan the State Department pulled it down. With all the tension between China and the US right now, is there anything that Maddox is keeping from Bryan? He takes umbrage at that, so she moves on.

Finola discovers how INFLUX is doing it. The wormhole needs to be open between two steel conductive poles. The whine is a charging process in which the debris gathers power to charge the event.

Maddox is on the ground for the first time. This case is big. When you're trying to take a big chunk of Manhattan, that will do it.

They locate buildings that will fit their parameters, and Finola walks in on INFLUX preparing for their experiment.

Finola is chasing the goons. Maddox calls with the all clear on his building. Bryan thinks something is off. He circles back. A guy who looks too much like Maddox is given two pill-like things. It must be done, he's told.

Bryan is investigating the steel beams again. He finds the debris. it's dormant. It's creepy looking.

One of the techs gets shot in the gut. He assures her she's going to be OK. He'll stay with her.

Finola is still after the Russian, and she removes and tosses her earbud.

The guy who looks like Maddox takes a pill and winds up somewhere else. He's got a piece of debris with him and he installs it.

The injured tech doesn't understand. It's synched now. It's going to happen.

Bryan takes her with him so she can walk him through disabling the debris.

Finols gets herself into trouble. The man says, you've got his eyes. As she's arguing with him, the world goes silent. It seems to be all up to Bryan now. He disengages the debris.

Anson Ash has a very strange smile on his face that doesn't dissipate when he's tackled and shackled.

Bryan and Finola reconnect but still talk around their issues.

Maddox stops Finola outside. He asks whether Anson said anything to her, but she says no.

He asks her to trust him interviewing the guy, promising he'll personally give her the information he gets.

Finola chooses not to take a call from Ferris.

Dee Dee texts a video of them dancing to the song to Finola.

Somehow, Anson is singing it, too.


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Debris Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

This is a nightmare. This is a bloody nightmare.


Bryan: You're upset with me. You've been really quiet since Nebraska.
Finola: How would you know, Bryan? You slept the whole way.