Shelby and Bryan On the Edge - Debris
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Bryan uncuffs Shelby. He doesn't blame Shelby. They're both pilots, and Bryan hasn't been honest with wants either, so they're both in the same boat.

Grace shoots Bryan as he's jumping into the ocean. Bleeding, he follows Shelby into the debris. Shelby puts Bryan into a pocket of the debris and swims away.

Time resets, and Grace is still his partner. Bryan isn't enjoying the game anymore. But Shelby isn't in the house. This time, it's Kathleen who is one odd-looking girl.

Kathleen made him disappear. She's scared.

Grace is doing tests, and Bryan is trying to get Kathleen to understand what's going on with the debris. They need to figure out what went wrong first, or they'll do damage to the universe.

Kathleen says that part is too late. Her living room has several different realities playing out. All realities will bleed into each other, and the universe will collapse in on itself.

Grace thinks Bryan is nuts. She wants to stop the debris. Bryan wants to find George. But Grace says he just killed George at the INFLUX compound two days ago.

Kathleen is booking to the debris. Bryan takes off behind her. He dives. Must be a damn good swimmer.

Bryan doesn't make it to the debris before time resets.

Finola has a different partner.

Finola arrives at the house, and Kathleen asks about George. He's alive. Kathleen says he's the only one who can save the world.

They call George, who uses the plucking a card from the deck thing. Kathleen lies about how she needs to go back, and George calls her on it. George says more jumps will cause irreversible damage and that she needs to accept that her brother's gone.

Maddox is in George's office. Maddox knows that Bryan is a real person, and he was a trouble magnet. George says he was a war criminal.

Kathleen is in the house looking at another reality with Shelby and Bryan when Finola arrives. They can see each other, but they cannot speak. Shelby and Bryan use signs. When Bryan turns around his sign, the rip disappears.

Finola tries to get Kathleen to understand about holding back on the debris. Another jump.

More talking through the rips, and Kathleen and Shelby try touching.

Finola and Grace arrive at the overlook, and the house is practically glowing.

There is a large tear in space/time right in front of the house. Finola calls for the tactical team to arrive asap.

Bryan is asking something about a bilateral deviation. He wants George's help, but George is dead.

Kathleen talks Finola into jumping so that they can fix it and reset time. They're running while Grace dispatches a team to the house to get closer. Finola hesitates, and when she jumps, she almost hits the rocks.

Kathleen and Finol are in the pits, and time resets.

Finola is with another agent who is driving erratically. This time, the house is really alight. They have ten minutes before the chopper arrives. The agent says he talked to George yesterday, and Finola is shocked.

The house looks like a rager, but Bryan and Shelby aren't there. What if it's too late?

This Finola didn't know her dad was alive, so she's in awe the first time she talks to him. But now Finola knows what's going on.

The chopper comes. Finola needs more time. George isn't interested in giving it.

Finola realizes what's going on. They all need to jump simultaneously together. Finola wonders if they'll remember. Finola really doesn't want to forget. Something her father said to her.

They all take off to the edge of the cliff and jump.

They don't seem to remember anything while at the cliff, although they seem kind of different. Shelby and Kathleen know, but Bryan and Finola don't.

Maddox is getting the call about the reservation.

Maddox finds an envelope on the table at home. Divorce papers.

Ash is messing with the guard.

He can feel the guard's fingertips from his bed.

And it ends. WTF?

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Debris Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Finola: How do you know this?
Kathleen: Because I spoke to them. They want to speak to you.

[in writing] You belive debris came here for a reason. You believe in the world. Help save it.