Stumbling Upon Something Strange - Debris
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A couple of goons are early to pick up something. One goon has cheap tattoos on his hands. He's chaffed to get the parts from the black market and a case that will allow him to carry them through TSA.

Federal agents arrive in the hotel. Goon tells dealer to run. It's super close.

Goon ditches the item in the trash and runs. He's spotted, though. The heat is on!!

A maid finds the piece in the trash, picks it up, and falls through the building to her death, confounding those around her.

They pick up the piece quite gingerly with lots of equipment.

Bryan Beneventi and Finola Jones are working together on behalf of their respective countries (US and UK), but both have trepidations about the other. UK boss thinks US is hiding things, and Bryan thinks Finola doesn't have the stomach for the job no matter who her father was.

A woman is driving down the road with her son when she begins to cough, and bloodpours out of her eyeballs. Her son ignores her completely. She dies, and he gets out of the car, unhooks her safety belt and pulls her out of the car. She then floats away.

Finola files her report on the maid when she gets a new incident report. They're on the move again. Bryan was sleeping while she was working. She wonders why he does the job. He wants to make sure the good guys get it first. She wants the technology to be used for the greater good.

She thinks that it fell here means something. When her father, the first astrophysicist to see the debris saw it, he said it finally made him believe again. They clearly see things differently.

Amy Morrison is the woman who was in the car. She's now in a field. She was reported as a missing person last night. Now she's floating several inches off the ground in the middle of a cornfield.

She's defying gravity or manipulating the magnetic field. They have to figure out where and how she came into contact with it.

They thought the wind took here there, but Finola realizes the wind isn't blowing in the direction she's moving. She's caught on a barbed wire fence. When removed, she begins floating away again. They follow.

And you know what I notice? She's got on a great coat.

Ho ho ho! There are three others in tornadic funnel blowing around together that the woman joins before they're rustled in and taken to a lab.

The only thing that connects them is that they all live in Witchita. And they've not dead. So, that's something. They have no pulse, no heartbeat, but they have highly syncronized brain activity. Their bodies have been drained of their muscular activity. They don't know if they're aware of their state, but they could be dead before they find the debis that caused this.

Emmy Morrison's car is found. Finola finds candy in the backseat.

She was in a convenience store six miles back. Her "son" is in the backseat. But she has no kids. But when he talked to her, he called her mom. Hmmm.

A man named Vanderberg never replied to attempts to reach him, so they head over. Mrs. Vanderberg is in the field, caught on a tree. A nearby bicycle seems to be covered in snails. It's really gross.

They found the debris. There is a lot of it!! it's spherical and has scales.

Bryan tries to tell Finola to stay back. It's way low on the legary (the radiation stuff), but it's very similar debris that drained a lake elsewhere. Kieran and Isla Vanderberg are the kids, Kieran is the boy who was in Morrison's school.

They wonder why Isla is at a boarding school so close to home. Her brother died seven months ago in a car accident, so Isla doesn't think questions about him are all that funny.

Dead Kieran is busy finding another woman who eagerly puts out her hand to a lost little boy.

He does the same thing with this woman, right down to the discussion of men on the internet who walk on tightropes without any nets.

Bryan greets Isla while Finola goes to the debris.

When she touches something from the debris, she sees a vision, and she says, "mum."

Isla's parents wanted her to come home a few days ago. They were happy, ecstatic like they hadn't been since Kieran died. Then they called to say no, don't come home.

Bryan needs to know why she was at a boarding school so close to home. She chose to leave the house after things went so wrong. She blamed her mother for taking Kieran to the gas station that day to get candy. If they hadn't, then the drunk driver wouldn't have killed Kieran. Bryan has to excuse himself.

Finola lost her mum to cancer two years ago, and when her dad couldn't get over it, he went, too. Finola assures Isla that her mom loves her still.

Bryan apologizes for his reaction. He didn't know what to say. Finola says that when she gives a part of herself, she gets so much more back. Connection is all they have that keeps everyone together. She tells him that the debris manifested the vision of her mum right from her mind. Finola thinks Mrs. Vanderberg manifested Kieran from her grief, and once he was there, he had to suck the life out of all of the people nearby to continue living. Meanwhile, the doc with the bodies, Sharon, callst to say all of them are saying Jenna Goldflint. That's Finola's mother.

Another woman is missing, too, they discover.

The boons are at the debris site. When they're spotted, they swallow debris bits and transport elsewhere. Goon Number 1 hears someone screaching "help me" and he helps by shooting him.

Oh, Goon Number 2 teleported right into the pylon holding up the bridge. Whoopsies!

The field where all of the people were found is right where the bodies are being taken. The kid is taking women on the same route over and over again.

You gotta wonder why the store clerk doesn't alert anyone to things gone nuts.

When approached, the woman is shocked. That's her son. She doesn't know what's up. Finola talks with Kieran. She tells him he's not Kieran and doesn't belong here. He's wanted here, he says. She begins to breathe heavily.

Meanwhile The woman inside has blood coming from her eyeballs. And then Finola touches Kieran. The woman falls backward and begins hovering. Finola is gone. Bryan needs Isla. He needs Isla to reach her mother to stop what's happening.

Bryan's pushing away grief watching Isla trying to reach her mom. He gives a piece of himself to her to try to reach her mom. He knows from experience that he will not be able to forgive herself if he doesn't.

Isla apologizes, tears falling from her eyes. She didn't think she could be there for everyone, but she's so sorry. Please come back. She pleads with everything she's got, and her mom begins to respond. They all wake up, and Kieran disappears!!

The leaves that were swirling slowly disapate.

Bryan wants to know what it was like. Terrifying, but beautiful. She could feel what her experience was. When she found the debris, when she was around it, it understood her. it would make her dream of him everyday, and then one morning, he was standing there.

Finola wants to debrief Mary Vanderberg because she just went through it too, and she understands it.

Bryan isn't used to opening up to people. The job is solitary, and it's been a long time since he worked with someone who looed at him like a human being. But the Goons? They were with George Jones. He's alive. He got into the country with an alias. That's all he can share for now. Bryan can't even believe he's being asked to do this. But Craig thinks he can handle it.

They're slowly rebuilding the craft piece by piece.

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Debris Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Bryan: You're still working?
Finola: How do you think our reports get done, Bryan?
Bryan: Somebody else does them? [she glares at him] Oh! Well, keep up the good work.

Craig: How is it working out with Finola?
Bryan: Obviously, she's falling in love with me and trying to keep it professional.
Craig: OK, copy that, gorgeous.