New Revelations - Debris
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A gal named Katie is working on a faulty swing switch. She's joking with someone about her relationship on the walkie-talkie when a mysterious pane of energy or something appears in the field, garbling the transmission.

She picks up a rock and tosses it at the thing and walks closer, as you do, I guess. And them someone slams their hands onto it from the other side -- but there is no other side.

Bryan underwent a cat scan to see if the cloning had a negative impact on him. No, and Maddox is pleased.

Bryan wants to get Finola home before knowledge of her father becomes an issue. He's not worried about the case as much as he is her, although he's framing it to Maddox differently.

Finola was worried about Bryan and is happy to see him board the plane. Bryan's attitude is awfully cheery as he chats with everyone and thanks Finola for worrying about him. That's not the norm for him.

But Bryan is having a hard time keeping that secret from her, and it shows on his face.

They're in Ohio. The film thing vanished, and the people with it. Another agent took a video of the film, which revealed sound that he said wasn't present live.

While she's recording her report, Finola hears a voice. "Hello? Is anyone out there? Hello?"

She hears oscillations, and that's confirmed when two others report the same thing. Other voices said, "I see a light. I see lights!"

Bryan and the new fellow don't get on well. Bryan touched something he shouldn't have, and the other guy warns when someone else did something similar, they were turned inside out.

They make contact with the girl inside the film. She shares her name. She doesn't see other people. That would be scary in itself. She wants to know what's happening to her. And then the film disappears again.

Maddox is chatting with someone unknown an d gets into their vehicle. Maddox shows the guy a video of a piece of debris. He doesn't want to know why this piece is important to Russia and doesn't want to know. But he's willing to trade.

Bryan and Finola try to theorize around the film but don't come up with any answers.

Bryan compares it to something a Native American legend about the discovery of natural arches in the landscape that people pass through but never return. She agrees it's a portal. She suggests they listen to her father, who believed there were as many as 11 dimensions instead of three. He wondered if those curled up dimensions could be uncurled, revealing vast resources of untapped real estate, just waiting for people to use them.

The real kicker for Finola and Bryan is that they cannot find any debris.

Watching the video upsets Finola. He sees a maps with US Access Points.

They realize that George was right. There are other dimensions and they know where the access points are located.

Dry guy gets Bryan to deliver his lunch to him. He's thinking out loud about getting through. The girl communicated better when emotionally charged, so Finola has her dad flown in.

Needless to say, he's a little freaked out about all of this and wants information. They reveal who they are, a government branch that studies scientific anomalies. He's been distraught about his daughter, who was with him when she disappeared.

Mr. Hegmann is asked whether he believes in the Bermuda Triangle. He's a little shocked, but he doesn't have another explanation. And then he hears the audio files. It's got to be so scary hearing the panic in her voice.

Mr. Hegmann felt she was alive. He felt connected to her still, through his dreams. It's a story that Finola can understand. They explain to Richard their plans to heighten Nicole's emotional state to improve communictaion. It seems to work.

Nicole and Richard communicate, while the scientists try to get information to help her return.

She thinks she's only been gone for a few hours, walking around trying to find her way back. She doesn't know her way back.

The filmy panel disappears again. I guess we can call it a portal? Damn. That's emotional and draining.

Muntz (dry guy) thinks time must move differently where Nicole is, but Bryan doesn't understand how we'd be able to communicate or why our communication is synced. He doesn't think Nicole can be saved. He doesn't know how to stablize the portal without the debris.

Maddox has a son in a wheelchair. His caretaker has leave for a while. Meanwhile Deputy Grohl gives him the news that Tarkalov is in the US. Maddox already knows that since he met with him. Since there was survellience on Tarkalov, does Grohl know Maddox was with him?

There are debris waves detected not too far away. They find it with a pickup nearby. It's got to be Influx, Bryan says. Nobody else could get here this fast. Influx reps are hiding behind trees as Bryan and Finola enter the woods, guns raised. But by the time they get to that spot, they're gone.

Muntz knows the debris has been showing the access spot from this location. It might be an intergalactic GPS, Bryan says.

Muntz doesn't want to use the debris, wasting its energy when it might not work for long. They have a responsibility to humanity. But Finola points out that if we won't use it to help those trapped, then we're not worthy of having it.

Muntz reactivates the square, revealing many different people. Finola is most concerned with Nicole, and it's likely that if someone gets out, it will only be her. Finola wants to try to breach the square with another piece of debris. It works, and Nicole is free.

As it turns out, all of the people are left behind in the field. This is so much like Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

While lost, Nicole imagined that she would be found. She was imagining what her father dreamed. It made her feel safe.

Bryan has a hard time remaining composed, especially later on the plane with Finola.

Maddox is playing with a piece of debris by throwing a chair at it. It disappears and returns behind him.

The body in George Jones' grave is not George Jones.

The men have video of Finola taking George's watch as a memento. Later, another body is under the sheet because his hand falls down, and there is a watch on it.

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Debris Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Nicole Hegmann is a real missing person. She vanished from Seline, Michigan, in 2019. I don't know how that's possible. The debris only began falling six months ago.


Uh, thank you, seriously, for worrying about me.