Getting Answers - Debris
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A guy and his girlfriend are practicing something that leaves people shriveled and dead in their wake.

Finola and Bryan are getting along better. She's even sharing her thoughts on her dad and the video Dee Dee sent to her.

Except, when he walks away, her face betrays the previous conversation. She calls Ferris. Ferris wanted Finola to share the story of her father in Greece with Bryan. Ferris keeps saying, "you trust me, don't you?"

Finola asks about the agent who warned her against Finola.

The team is on the scene of the dusted-up corpses now. It's like the life was sucked out of them.

Their bodies are retaining electricity, enough to charge a cell phone.

Bill Jarva was reported missing two days ago. They're all old and from facilities.

Maddox is with Anson, who was just watching a roach crawl up his arm. He wants Chinese. Maddox wants to know about INFLUX.

They discuss. Maddox wants to know what they did with George. Ash shuts up.

There is chalk on trees in the forest.

Maddox asks Bryan to get more info from Finola that fits directly into the Greece discussion. Maddox is trying to get info on whether INFLUX was tracking him long-term with the plan to abduct him.

The boy teenager is watching the girl hula hoop. He walks backward down the street holding debris while two others watch. She's OK. Soon she'll be free. They just have to find a few more.

Maddox meets with a Russian again. It's another trade.

Agent Gordon finds the car of one of the victims.

Bryan gets a call from some guys who are rifling through Finola's apartment. He's not impressed.

The young guy finds another victim. It's really upsetting.

When Bryan and Finola are in the car together, he says he can't shake their earlier conversation since nobody ever spoke about that side of George before. Then he inserts the code words into the conversation, and she obliges with a mention of Cypress before asking him flat out what's going on.

Finola is certain George isn't a clone and is actually her father. Bryan wonders why. And then he tells her what Maddox wanted. He needs to know if he can trust her with what he told her. She doesn't answer and gets out of the car.

Sirens blare when the four kids are well into the forest with the old man who has instructions to hold the debris and not let go no matter what.

Oh my. The debris isn't killing them, it's making them younger!

They have to stick together for the effect to remain, and if they part ways, they shrivel up and die.

Kurt and his wife Clara are trying ti increase the numbers to increase the distance they can travel from each other.

Something's wrong with Bryan.

Maddox is trading debris again.

Kurt and Clara choose to die together.

Bryan and Finola talk as we learn that Maddox is a Russian named Tarkalov.

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Debris Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ash: You don't get to control this debris. This technology is meant to free the world not entrap it. I find it interesting that you don't understand that we're suddenly in the path of power so vast with both the possibility of good and evil. You don't know whose side you're on.
Maddox: But you do. You're on the side of good. You're just a guy who's trying to make the world a better place by opening up wormholes in Manhattan, yeah? You think it should all just be out there, available to anybody who comes across it. Is that right?
Ash: I am just a guy who wants some moo goo gai pan.

Finola: Why are you asking me about my father, Bryan?
Bryan: Because your father's alive.
Finola: I know. And I know that you and Maddox knew. Why'd you tell me?
Bryan: I just told you. Isn't that enough?