Bryan and Finola Investigate - Debris
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It's been three years since the alien craft was first discovered, and it's been six months that the debris has been littering the earth.

The latest piece of debris is a hoarder -- of metal, but not all metal, as it appears to be rather discriminate.

I just realized the theme song has a Westworld tint to it.

No wonder Jonathan Tucker was so keen on Pittsburgh knowledge. He had a crash course with Debris!

Finola has to connect with her sister. She still has some fires in London, and they're dealing with her dad's estate. They never really got along.

Bryan has a hard time with that given what he knows about her dad.

Russian space agency struggles to control an experimental rocket is the latest cover story for debris activity. The metal is moving from the local town, and it's formed quite a large pile so far. It's not affecting all metals. It's selective as if it's choosing what it wants. See? I told ya!

Maddox has a visitor. Things aren't great with his family. It is what it is, he says. He's conferring with someone named Harris Grohl about George Jones. Since Jones has a lot of information about the debris, they have to assume that "they" know what they have and what they want to build.

Grohl gives Maddox the freedom to do what he needs to. He and the director will make up a story about Maddox and the journey he's on.

Bryan finds a man named Eric who doesn't remember his last name. He's traumatized. He didn't comply with the evacuation. He can't even remember why he's here or why he's upset. He just knows that he is.

Finola thinks the debris is affecting him. Maybe he has a plate in his head!

Updated scans show that the debris is encircling the town like it's trying to keep people out.

Finola confides in Bryan and how her father left her holding the bag that is her sister, and he uses the time to ask about her father. She spent an entire night with him in the morgue. He sent her a text that said "You are not alone." Finola's sister was strung out in a house somewhere, and at that time, she never felt more alone in her life.

Eric doesn't remember talking to anyone and flees. Bryan and Finola give chase, but the man hides very well.

There are two of them! One with a clean shirt, and one with blood all over his shirt. He really didn't know who those people were. But there are at least three now. The debris is cloning him.

Bryan's Eric is talking about his boss, Mr. Woo, and how he's not going to get the promotion because another guy's Powerpoint presentations are better.

Kazemi's guy is trying to evaluate.

Finola's guy is having a panic attack, perhaps a heart attack, saying "I have to change this" over and over. He's the only one who doesn't have a heart attack.

Finola's Eric had it all, and now it's lost. Her. What they have is real. Everything else is not. Kazemi wonders if Finola's guy is the original, but Finola has another idea. Different fragments of the same man. They all haven't reconciled with something. Professional goals, a big decision, and losing a girl.

The debris is not just making a circle, it's a mathematically perfect circle -- around Eric's house.

At Langley, Maddox is talking with Ferris on the phone. They're discussing the need for transparency. Since they both care so much about Bryan and Finola, it's more important than necessary. Both of them pretend they're alone when surrounded by people. The guys are in a group called Influx, and they are not affiliated with any government.

Finola and Bryan walk a lot in this town. Eric's house is reading high on the meter. They suit up and head inside where they find a lot of accolades on the walls celebrating Bryan's accomplishments.

A series of holes have burned right through the house as the debris made its way into the basement. Bryan sees something in the basement that scares him. The debris injured someone on impact, but there isn't a body.

There is clatter around the house that Finola is investigating. She finds someone in the bushes. It's Eric. He's crying. He doesn't know his name.

Bryan is still inside and I expect him to find another Eric. Oh my. He finds himself. he's crying, I can't let it go, he says. He shoots at Bryan, and Bryan shoots back, killing himself. Nobody goes in the basement without a vector suit.

They're working on shutting down the debris, but it's not working. Finola is looking for Bryan, but follows Eric's blood trail, notifying Kazemi she's on her way up.

Dee Dee calls Finola. Dee Dee says she wasn't the one who ran off and followed Dad's work to America, and she doesn't think sticking together sounds like what Finola wants if she's so far away. Dee Dee doesn't believe their father committed suicide.

Finola wants to call her later and hopes she'll answer. Dee Dee has someone in her house, and he's ready to light up. She grabs her coat and leaves.

Seeing himself dead is kind of freaking out Bryan. He finds a woman's picture in dead Bryan's hand, and it makes him emotional.

Finola wonders if Eric is giving away parts of himself to survive. And then she wants to know what Bryan's clone might have told her. She asks about the photo. Another time.

The blood stops in the garage. They think the car dragged him and must be nearby.

There is something happening inside the house. It's weird. OMG. That's freaky. There is a Bryan/Eric in the living room.

They find the car, and while Bryan is struggling to get Eric out, the ball of light one of them mentioned earlier is coursing through the ring, compacting it. The team "shuts down" the debris with moments to spare. It's another Bryan, but it should be the original. He's got his lady on his mind. It was about a job, but not anymore.

Finola tells him that she helped him to hang on; she saved his life. He asks her to stay.

Bryan and Maddox touch base. Maddox just sent a team to London to dig up George Jones.

Finola got Bryan some Peeps, the stalest ones they could find. It actually brings a tear to his eyes.

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Debris Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Finola: So, what, like there's this whole secret Peep subculture then?
Bryan: You have no idea what you're missing. We owe the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a great deal of gratitude, and I'm not afraid to say it.

Bryan: Zippo lighter, Pyrex glassware, Crayola Crayons, also made in PA. Cadillacs, they had a trimline named the Fleetwood after Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. The Fleetwood Brougham. It was a big car in the '80s. And, of course, Peeps. Insane for Peeps.
Finola: What's a "peep"?
Bryan: Come on. You've never had a Peep?
Finola: No.
Bryan: A little marshmallow candy?
Finola: No, I've never eaten a Peep.
Bryan: Wow. Crack-like. Some people think they taste better when they're stale. I happen to be one of those people.