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Haverstock reveals to Julian why the Bowers can't seem to crush him like a bug: he has the murder weapon Edward used hidden away somewhere. On top of that, Joanna puts together that Mia is the daughter of Vivian and Haverstock, and Robert confirms her suspicions. When Mia asks Julian whether he knows who her real father is, he lies and tells her no.

Joanna follows Sofia to a man called Teo Agrasar, but leaves before finding out anything more than his name. Sofia realizes she's being followed, but is too far away to realize who it is.

Mia and Kyle spend the night and morning alone, but when Kyle is pulled over after leaving Mia back in Joanna and Julian's hands he is pulled over by the police for Mia stealing a bottle of wine. Haverstock pulls alongside them, and tells Kyle to get in so they can chat.

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Deception Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mia: It's unbelievable. Do I have a chip or something?
Joanna: Listen, your parents don't know where you are yet.
Mia: You mean my grandparents?

No everything in here is a violent taste crime.