Court Time - Defending Jacob
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It's time for court and the revelations keep coming. 

Johanna asks if they can make a motion to dismiss talk of Andy's father's past. 

Neal, however, stoops to new lows in his mission to get Andy discredited and Jacob sent away. 

Pam accidentally reveals all about Billy and it makes the jury wonder what happened. 

Derek reveals that Jacob was writing graphic stories about murdering Ben on a website, something Pam confirms. 

The gangster is revealed to be someone to do with Billy. 

In the end, Laurie officially turns on Jacob, and Andy starts to wonder whether his son has been lying all this time. 

Just when the family gets ready to say goodbye to Jacob, Leonard writers on a piece of paper that he killed Ben.

Defending Jacob
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Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Boys make mistakes. But we’re adults, with a grave responsibility before us. A child is dead, don’t destroy another child’s life to make up for it. That isn’t justice, that’s just another tragedy.


What do you want me to say, Laurie? You’re right? Our marriage is a lie. Our whole f*cking family is based on a fairytale, built on nothing. And our son’s a murderer. Is that what you want to hear?