Hiding Out - Defending Jacob
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Andy faces the D.A.'s office and is forced to open up about his past. 

In the present, he wakes up Jacob, and the teen goes to school. 

However, he is called to the scene when a student is found murdered near the school. 

Jacob acts like everything is fine and that he didn't know the kid. 

He goes to the wake with his friends, and Andy realizes that Jacob is being called a killer on social media, with people saying he has a knife. 

Andy searches his room and finds a camping knife. 

The net begins to close in when Andy and he asks Jacob about the knife. 

The teenager is unimpressed that his father thinks he would kill. 

Defending Jacob
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Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

There's nothing worse than a kid.


We're sailing towards an iceberg, this little white peak in the distance getting closer and closer, but really it's been underneath us the whole time.