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The episode opens with Nolan still convulsing and Doc Yewll looking him over. She quickly explains to Amanda that she currently has drugs keeping his heart beating and a machine breathing for him but, that she has a theory and needs Irisa. Amanda recruits Berlin to look for Irisa. The two of them go back to where Irisa had been laying last but she is gone. After a few minutes they find her under a building a short ways away.

Meanwhile Nolan and Irisa are together going through Nolans memories. First of the day that the Ark Ships arrived on earth, and shortly there after when he and his sister were fighting in the Pale Wars at a point when Nolan's sister was killed by an Irathian soldier that Nolan failed to kill after he surrendered.

At the Tarr house, Datak and Stahma have a long debate about Stahma's failure to kill T'evgin. After some discussion about how Datak could try and kill him, Stahma convinces him to give her a chance to get the Omec to help save Alak. Datak relucantly agrees. Shortly there after Stahman and T'evgin are in bed when she tries to convince him to bring the ship into the VC camp and scare Rahm Tak, T'evgin flatly refuses expressing that being the last of his race he would not risk his ship for anyone.

At the VC camp Alak is being made to chop up bodies like cord wood when he finds a knife on of the bodies. He starts to make a break for a vehicle when Rahm Tak has a visitor in the form of a arms dealer. While he is human, Rahm Tak wants the weapons more than he wants to kill the guy. Alak bides his time.

Back in Nolan and Irisa's head, the two start seeing visions that include Irisa, including the 1 year anniversary of Ark Fall and then the day Nolan teaches Irisa how to protect herself by killing a bounty hunter that was coming after them.

Doc Yewll attempts to remove the Ark-tech that is in Nolan and Irisa's brain, but needs to do both people at once. They reach out to T'evgin, who is not at the mine but his daughter is, and after some hesitation, she agrees to help by letting Yewll use one of the Omec drones. Nolan and Irisa are in one final vision of Irisa's where she almost stabbed Nolan in his sleep but didn't. Just as they start to discuss they both wake up out of the share dream.

T'evgin comes back to the mines to find everyone but his daughter has left and she explains what happened and how Doc Yewll was so focused on the surgery that she didn't even notice Kinzie copying her core matrix. T'evgin is impressed, but tells her to destroy it, that he didn't want the town turning on them at this point.

Alak finally makes his move and heads for a roller when Rahm Tak tries to stop him. After a short scuffle Alak makes it to the roller and escapes with most of the VC shooting at him as he speeds away.

Finally, Nolan and Irisa have a long heart to heart about how she's never been ok with killing even though Nolan is, and that she is leaving .Just as they head back in Yewll explains to them they can't be more than a mile apart or they would die, as she wasn't able to remove the Ark-tech, so she fixed it. As Stahma is getting her hair brushed Alak walks in and she is overjoyed to see him until he grabs her and puts a knife at her throat for killing Christie.

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Defiance Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Datak: Why would T'evgin help us?
Stahma: Must I draw you a chart?
Datak: Contrary to what you think, darling, your chivo is not magic.
Stahma: On many occasions, you've said different.

Stahma: I poisoned him with enough swimbo to kill a bell beast.
Datak: But is the Omec dead? No. He's at home smelling my wife on his fingers and chuckling about how he cuckolded Datak Tarr!
Stahma: I doubt T'evgin knows your name.