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Joseph and Charlie are busting down doors guns drawn.

Charlie gets shot but screams to Joseph to keep moving. It looks like a simulation.

It is a simulation!

Charlie gives Joseph some tips, but he takes it as criticism.

There is a real burglary in progress with two masked people rushing through a woman's house. She is in the closet on 9-1-1. The call sounds so loud! One of the burglars gets very close to the closet, but they leave. Not before taking a selfie, though.

Bill and Paula are sharing some time together before her mom arrives the next day. Bill says the storm isn't going to pass any time soon, so they need to take their moments of quiet where they can.

Jerry calls from the scene of the burglary. He's calling in his favor with Bill. West Hollywood city council is up in arms as it's the third break-in this week.

Jerry wants to be respectful to the privacy of the victims, but Bill's not pleased that Jerry is thinking of money and his election first.

Genevieve and Bishop are arguing. Bishop doesn't want to fight, but Genevieve doesn't appreciate that her girlfriend isn't a woman. Bishop counters with it being a little more complicated than that, which shouldn't be a surprise.

Still, Genevieve needs time to process it.

Bill has a press conference telling the city to be on alert.

Jerry didn't appreciate that Bill did the exact opposite of what he suggested. Bill says Jerry has a real talent for missing the big picture.

Joseph gets some pointers from a coworker. He's still not accepting them well.

Paula's mom is checking in on everybody. She seems pretty cool.

Joseph is very impressed with West Hollywood. Charlie says they're only there because of elections.

Cade and Teresa get their first ultrasound. The baby is healthy.

Cade shares the pic with Bill, and there's a little penis joke!

Cade wonders why Bill is doing favors for Jerry who is gunning for his job.

Bishop is setting up her new desk. She's on for the home security systems.

Cade meets with the woman from the closet. She's going to visit her parents on the east coast and doesn't know if she's coming back. Cade doesn't want them to take her power.

She's almost more upset after learning the might have been watching her and believed she wouldn't have been home.

The mayor and a councilwoman want Bill to run for office, and they want to toss their support behind him. Jerry asked for their backing before the previous sheriff's grave was even full.

Bishop finds a page the criminals are using to compete with other neighborhood thugs in an online rally of kinds.

Abuela knows that Maggie is texting a boy. His name is Wyatt.

The criminals are competing for bragging rights. It was great timing for Bishop to take her role.

Bill visits with West Hollywood and opens his office. He even thanks neighborhood watch commander Zoey for her service, which impresses her.

He reminds her that it's just as important that the sheriff's department works for all neighborhoods, rich or poor, and he wants to earn their trust.

The mayor is incredibly impressed.

Cade offers advice to Bishop about Genevieve. He says she needs to stop it quickly because it's harder to stop once it's been rolling downhill.

There is another burglary in progress, and a woman comes home. She sees one of the kids without a mask and says she's calling his mother. That didn't go well.

Joseph realizes that if the only people who can get through the checkpoint are locals, then they live in the neighborhood.

Bishop gets a face.

Jerry knows one of the teenagers. Jerry wants to assume that someone put the boys up to the bad tasks. Bill is disgusted.

Shane is freaking out on his friend Brendan with the understanding that Brendan's dad can get them off. But Brendan just sees his friend whirling around a gun and spouting off lip, and he's even more worried.

Joseph and Charlie, the only two uniformed deputies in the county, are in the house. Brendan runs, but Cade is on him like white on rice.

Joseph shoots the other kid when he comes around a door gun drawn.

Paula cannot believe she fell asleep! Why didn't mom wake her?

Mommy wants to know what kind of nightmares she's been having. Mom doesn't believe her. She can see it in her eyes. Everything isn't OK.

It's a very touching moment.

Cade deposits Brendan with Jerry and allows him to determine what's next.

Bill tells Jerry that West Hollywood never had any intention of shopping out of their contract. They just told him that so they could keep him in check. Jerry realizes Bill might be running. Bill says nothing is ever off the table. Charlie is delivering the information she got on Bill to Jerry. She almost seems to have a moment of hesitation, but it's not enough for this viewer!

Roberto and Camilla's grandmother called the social worker. She wants to see the kids. Teresa is distraught.

Genevieve wonders if Bishop knew when she moved here that she was nonbinary.

Bishop gets out of the car on the highway.

Bill is having a moment with Maggie in the corral when he receives a call from Bishop. He has no idea what she's talking about, but she's about to reveal her gender to Bill. She announces her pronouns. They and them. Bill tells Bishop that there's no reason not to be anything but honest.


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Deputy Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You've got a real talent for missing the big picture, Jerry.


Don't get all sanctimonious, Jerry. Your face might get stuck that way.