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There is a new character on screen! A great actress, too.

It's the DA, and she's talking about the LAPD officer who Bill arrested. Prosecuting an LAPD officer in court will create a media circus for weeks, so he doesn't understand why she's not running with all that he gave her.

She proposes a plea, and the guy just disappears. It's her call, but he won't back down from the fight.

It was Joseph's involvement that really irks her because it speaks to bias, and he's irked even more that she brought his family into it.

Two girls are eating at a taco stand when one of them wants to get into trouble by taking what's in his car in his open window. One of the girls is pressuring the other to do things that make her uncomfortable, but peer pressure and all that.

After taking his bag, the guy pursues gun drawn.

Cade and Teresa prepare the kids to visit with their grandmother despite their concerns.

When Cade reaches out her hand to shake, the woman hugs them and thanks them for everything they've done for her grandkids. It sounds like she expects to keep them.

The social worker remains inside with the family. She assures them there is nothing to worry about. But just being the two of them again feels weird.

The girl gets home, sporting the backpack on her back. Inside are wads of cash.

Bill is visiting with Maggie's date, Wyatt. He's very respectful but challenging of the young man. The look on Maggie's face when she enters the room says it all, and Bill and grandma give him a talking to, reminding him that Paula's dad, Jorge, didn't think much of Bill when they first met, either.

The girl's name is Isabelle. She calls Charlie for help and spills her guts. Charlie handles the situation very well.

As the bag chimes, Charlie hears it. The man who owns the bag is on his way into the house. Charlie tells the girl to turn off the phone and escape immediately.

Oddly, Isabelle takes the backpack with her when she flees.

Thankfully, the guy is stressed and fails to shoot her.

At the office, Bishop sees Genevieve's face on her desktop and ponders.

Cade tells her he got Bill's memo, and it's all good. They, them, it's all good. If anyone gives her trouble, he's got her back.

Charlie tracks down Joseph. They need to get on the road to help Isabelle.

Jerry pulls Bill to watch the DA on TV. She's running for Sheriff of Los Angeles as a reformer. Will that drive Jerry and Bill onto the same page?

Isabelle's mother is a piece of work. Isabelle's friend, Tina, appears. Josie lashes out at Tina. Tensions are thick.

Tina admits she taunted Isabelle.

Josie is Isabelle's foster mom.

Charlie worries that she's too late to help Isabelle because there's no turning back from the trouble she's in.

The guy calls in his pals -- dead or alive. He needs that money.

Cade is all in worrying about a missing girl, especially with Camilla and Roberto gone. Isabelle got in the middle of something big by stealing that bag.

Paula's mother wants to maximize their mother-daughter time. Paula is pouring over the budget she's been tasked with settling to save jobs. Mom reminds her that if she has a problem, then she's not looking in the right place.

And just like Max on New Amsterdam, she realizes that she shouldn't be looking at cuts but at how to raise money. A common theme in TV Land these days.

A Los Cochios CI is brought into an interrogation room. George isn't all that talkative. But when confronted with a picture of his deceased daughter, he comes up with a name. The guy is called The Enforcer. That can't be good.

Bill is unimpressed with Riley's strategy of talking with him and then announcing her run, but she claims that nepotism and cowboy diplomacy have no place in the sheriff's department, and that's what drove her choice.

She's going to unite this county because the time of renegade justice is done. Bill wholeheartedly disagrees.

Charlie calls Bill for help.

Isabelle is walking on the sidewalk when she's spotted. Dang. The camera work is quite shaky for this.

She runs into a gated building.

Riley checks in with Jerry who doesn't support her decision to run even after she says she can handily defeat him.

Riley has plenty of ammunition against them both, and hasn't Jerry heard? The future is female.

While on surveillance, Bill asks Cade how to handle Maggie and Wyatt. He admits that his advice was lame, but he couldn't help himself.

Joseph wonders why Isabelle doesn't just go to the nearest police station, but Charlie says unless she's there, Isabelle won't get law enforcement involved because she stole the bag.

Charlie and Joseph get word of where Isabelle is, and Charlie realizes she's heading to the library where Charlie and Isabelle studied together.

When they arrive at the library, they get all of the people together behind the counter for protection.

Bill and Cade get made, and the bad guy begins shooting with an automatic weapon. Bill comes out from behind a car to take one of them down. The big dude is still in the library, though.

She finally removes the backpack from her back to use as a weapon to smack him down. She gets the gun and aims just as Charlie arrives asking her to put it down.

They have time to change, but once she pulls that trigger, it's all over.

Cowboy music rolls as the happy scene unfurls.

Cade and Teresa are waiting for the kids to return and are so excited when they arrive back safely. Carmen really appreciated having time with her grandkids.

The kids want to see grandma all the time and hope it's cool. It's a lot to process.

Isabelle knows Charlie wants her to win back her integrity. She remembers everything Charlie taught them. She didn't know what integrity was before she met Charlie.

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one but you will notice.

Bill apologizes to Maggie about his treatment of Wyatt. But she's a wise girl, and she knows it must be difficult to see your child grow up. She's tried to slow it down, but she can't stop it. She wants to give Wyatt another chance. He'll do anything for her.

Cade offers to take Bishop for a surf in the future because there's no better way to clear your head.

Bill meets with Charlie. Bill wonders how many years she was a teacher. He wants to know how long it takes to learn to do exactly what a kid needs.

He's offering her a promotion. He sees her selflessness and initiative that many don't achieve in their entire career.

But she doesn't want to hear what the promotion is. She's going to turn it down, so it's better not to know. She wants to finish what she started, training Joseph. He's going to be a great deputy, and he has a way to go.

The promotion is on the table when she's ready.

Charlie visits Jerry next. She's done playing his game. She appreciates everything he's done, but what she really wants to do is her job. And her job now is to start a shift with a young deputy who is in need of her guidance.

Jerry assures her she's making a huge mistake.

Jerry thinks Bill and Riley will tear each other apart and he'll be standing when the dust settles.

At that time, she's either standing beside him or in his way.

Bill takes a call from the LA Times, who he earlier called. He wants to talk to her about the LAPD detective that the sheriff's department arrested. Word on the street is that the DA wants to cut a deal, and Bill wants to share his side of the story.

Charlie ups her game training Joseph. She's a new woman.


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Deputy Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Riley: The call is mine.
Bill: That's true. However, a public conflict between the Sheriff and the DA will not be any less destructive to the county than an LAPD officer for a crime he absolutely committed.

Well the badge stands for more than words. If we don't stand for rule of law, then who will?