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Hannah is walking around the ship trying to find a way to escape or find something useful. She sees bombs being loaded onto the ship.

Seth is air sick. President Moss makes fun of him. He visits Kirkman in his office on Air Force One. 

Emily is at a restaurant and sees Aaron with his cousin and visits for a time talking about Aaron's next steps.

Air Force One has landed and Moss gives Kirkman all the inside details and what he has set up as Secretary of State.

Hannah gets to the ship's communication room and makes a Mayday call. Two other guys come and she escapes but then gets caught by Lozano who takes her down.

President is holding court with foreign leaders with Sec. of State Moss. 

Chuck is doing stuff for Mike to find out who the traitor in the White House might be. He's got one hour to fin out who it is.

Seth brings the newspaper to Kirkman about Al Sakr being not responsible for the bombing. It's Abe Leonard's story. Kirkman tells Moss the story is true.

Moss and Kirkman argue about what's going on. Moss is pissed off. Kirkman is trying to calm him down. Moss gets a phone call from his allies who want to know about the story.

Abe Leonard is making the rounds on the news about his story.

Seth is holding a press conference and bombarded by questions about the story.

The Coast Guard calls Forstell about Hannah's mayday call. 

Lozano visits Hannah and starts talking about MacLeish. He gives her her a wedding ring telling her that he killed her family. Then he gives her a knockout drug.

Kirkman addresses the NATO summit and tells them about the newspaper story and changes the subject to nuclear disarmament. The French ambassador does not want to move forward with anything until the former issue is resolved.

Abe's editor calls him in to tell him that the FBI wants to talk to him. He refuses initially and then agrees. 

Forstell visits the Coast Guard and learns no new information. 

Kirkman talks to Seth about his morning briefing.  Seth gets a call that Kirkman's initiative won't be addressed at the summit. He gets a call from Alex. 

The French ambassador meets with Kirkman about his initiative. They come to an agreement.

Whitaker is in a boardroom trying to download something when Chuck figures it out, but the guy cloned his digital fingerprint and Whitaker walks right by Ritter as he was searching for the culprit.

The FBI is headed to the ship which is docked in Baltimore. They catch up to guys. 

Hannah is locked up with the bombs in a van. Timer is set for 3 minutes. It's in the FBI building. Meanwhile, Forstell is opening up cargo containers on the ship, but Hannah isn't there.




Designated Survivor
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