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Aaron is following Langdon but the two are being followed by Hannah and the FBI. They are in a church, but Langdon escapes before Hannah gets to him. 

Kirkman meets with Seth and Emily about the day's events/issues. Mike interrupts.

Hannah questions Langdon in FBI headquarters. The director is listening.

Kirkman meets with Hannah and director talking about what they learned from Aaron. Kirkman wants to meet with Langdon.

Seth shows Emily a bullet proof vest handed down to him. Emily gives Kirkman more information about the case.

Aaron meets with Langdon and the FBI. They question him. He tells his story. His former lover was the mystery woman.

Kirkman questions General Contrares about the Aruba situation.

President Ross arrives to talk with Kirkman.

FBI director shows Aaron the file of the bombing. He's an unofficial suspect.

Alex is home. Kirkman meets with Langdon who tells him that the mystery woman wanted him to be the designated survivor. Kirkman wants to leave, but at Hannah's urging he hears Langdon out. There's a flashback where he talks about the woman hacking his car and then he woke up to see the Capitol being blown up.

Kirkman tells everyone to leave. He becomes a calm Jack Bauer.

Someone stops Seth and tells him about Aaron being accosted by FBI agents.

In the security basement Kirkman is being briefed on the Aruba situation.

Alex, Kirkman and President Ross are enjoying a conversation. Alex really takes control of the conversation. 

Ross and Kirkman talk on the balcony about Abraham Lincoln when Emily comes in to tell him the situation in Aruba has changed and gotten worse.

Kirkman talks with Ross about the Aruba situation. The situation is resolved. Aaron resigns.








Designated Survivor
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