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President Kirkman holds a press conference to ask for his first hundred days to start now and lays out a huge agenda that almost seems impossible.

Hannah is with Chuck. She's been staying with him. She's working with him to try to find out who is the Mystery Woman.

Emily and Seth are overseeing people working on the issues when Kirkman comes in. It's a call bank.

Aaron gets a call and starts talking Spanish. He goes back to his apartment and is visited by his cousin.

Alex is giving a statement at a women's luncheon. Then she answers questions from the audience. She answers a question about gun violence.

Hannah visits Jason in the gym and tells him who the Mystery Woman is and other things about her including where she is. Her name is Brooke Mathison. Hannah is going after her herself and wants Jason's help...off the grid.

Kirkman is watching television and Alex's comments. Jack Bowman a senator rips apart Alex for bringing up gun control and why she said what she did after he rolled out his agenda.

Kirkman goes to talk to Alex and she apologizes. He wants her to make a statement that her comments were her own and not views of the president. 

Aaron and her cousin are at a Congresswoman's office.  The cousin's name is Maddie. 

Jason and Hannah are headed to Mathison's house and almost get into an accident. Jason goes off on the guy, but Hannah intervenes. Hannah is concerned about him and she wants him off the project. He refuses to get into the car and decides to walk to Mathison's place.

Hookstraten sees Aaron waiting for his cousin and talks to him.  Maddie comes out and they leave.

Hannah arrives at Mathison's house, but it's empty. Someone is watching her via a camera. It's Brooke.

Someone is watching Chuck return home.

Seth is prepping Alex for her TV appearance. She's doing horrible. There's something up with her.

Aaron is walking with Maddie. She wants to know why he left the White House. She wants him to stay, because he came here to prove himself.

Hannah is learning about Browning Reed from Chuck. She smells gas and he tells her about the gas leak. She figures out it wasn't a gas leak and they get out just in time.

He has everything on the Cloud and they head to one of Browning Reed's last location.

Kirkman is doing a run through for the town hall meeting.  

Kirkman is at the Town Hall meeting answering questions. 

Alex and family are watching Kirkman on TV. 

Kirkman gets a question about gun control. 

Aaron visits Hookstraten. He asks her for an introduction to a lobbyist because he wants to be a lobbyist. She offers him a job.

Kirkman meets with members of the House and Senate. Kirkman is an idealist. He tells Bowman he will work with him until they figure out something together. He agrees, but then Bowman tells the press he is reintroducing a gun bill. It's a political move.

Hannah shows up at one of the Browning addresses. Jason is there. They go inside. It's Mathison's hiding place. Mathison shoots at Hannah, they fight. Jason comes in and saves Hannah. There's a tense moment when it seems Jason is going to kill her but she doesn't. As it turns out she dies anyway because she pulls a hidden gun on Jason.

Emily runs into Aaron and learns he's working with Hookstraten as her chief strategist. 

Kirkman shows up at the other house with pizza as a surprise. 

Hannah discoers a file that shows plans to bomb all sorts of landmarks like the Statue of LIberty and the Golden Gate Briddge. It's not over yet.


Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

If waste the good will of the American people right now, the President doesn't stand a chance in hell of getting anything done.


Leo: Does it ever weird you out that you and dad are like the President and the First Lady?
Alex: Yes. Every day.