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Hannah meets with Mike Ritter and shares the files. Mike informs the president about what Hannah found.

Kirkman meets with the press to answer questions. There is a bill about background checks for gun control that the president support and is trying to get passed. Bowman and Hookstraten watch on television.

Seth meets with the First Lady about her upcoming engagement with some people about gun violence. It's an off-the-record meeting.

Aaron talks with Hookstraten about Bowman.

Kirkman meet with a democratic senator about the bill. She tells him if they get a whiff of cuts to medicare or social security they will back out.

Hannah is talking with the FBI Director about some other things she's found. She tells him she wants Jason helping her.

Kirkman meets with President Moss about the bill.

Hookstraten meets with Bowman to admonish him for bringing the bill to the forefront. He's not very friendly.

Hannah meets with Jason and tells him they're going to North Dakota.

Emily and Seth work the phones to try to find Republican support for the bill. They need 5 votes.

Aaron meets with Emily in a bar.  He tells her he can get Hookstarten to help.

Kirkman is meeting with another Republican. He's an old friend of Tom's and he won't be supporting the bill.

Hookstraten meets with Kirkman to tell him that with the proper encouragement she can get the votes to help pass the bill. She'd do it publicly. Of course she wants something down the line. And it probably will be a good one. He asks why she's doing it and she tells him because she thinks he's doing the right thing.

She holds a press conference to support the president.

Hannah and Jason are driving in North Dakota and talk about what they're doing.

Tom's friends calls him to tell him he's voting for the bill thanks to Hookstraten.  Alex runs into Bowman and they have a chat.

Tom loses a democratic vote because the guy doesn't like Tom's affiliation with the speaker of the house.

Hannah and Jason are at the site where Brooke had been going to but notihing's there. Could it be underground.

The team is working senators to try to get the votes they need to pass the bill.

Hannah talks to the Director and finds out that the coordinates were a missile silo. They are going to sleep in the car in the woods until morning to investigate more.

President Kirkman and the team are watching the vote. Kirkman wins his first bill. As if that's a surprise.

Kirkman meets with the Republican Senator who voted yay on the bill. She was inspired by Alex's confrontation with Bowman.

Hannah and Jason walk deeper into the belly of the missile silo. They find bombs like the ones used to blow up the Capitol.


Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

The American people like you Tom. You're an outsider and don't owe anything to anyone.

President Moss

This bill isn't about taking guns away from people, it's about making sure they don't fall into the wrong hands in the first place.