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The survivor from the previous hour is extracted. He is Congressman McLeish and he is taken to the hospital.

Kirkman holds a briefing with Seth, Emily, and Aaron when the lights go off. There's a security breach, and the President's computer gets hacked, a video left behind on it claiming responsibility for the bombing.

At FBI headquarters, Jason sends Hannah to interview McLeish.

Emily and Aaron meet with Hookstraten when they are interrupted by Kirkman who wants to show them the video the terrorist left on his computer. They decide they need to keep it quiet because of the upcoming interview with Elizabeth Vargas.

In the PEOC, Cochrane wants Kirkman to declare war, but Tom is still unsure. Jason tells him about Hannah's suspicions. He orders more information and demands the military find the guy who is in the video.

Kirkman shows the video to Hookstraten.

Hannah is at the hospital questioning McLeish.

Kirkman meets with Tyler, President's Richmond's son to talk about the eulogy he's going to give at Richmond's funeral later. Tyler doesn't have much to add.

Penny and Alex are unpacking Leo's things when Penny finds drugs, then Alex finds a wad of cash in his drawer.

Kirkman interviews with Vargas when she asks if he was fired. He doesn't know how to answer so Aaron calls him out of the interview. Aaron says he should lie. Emily says he should tell the truth. Kirkman decides to tell the truth and it backfires.

Hannah is looking at video feed of the capitol before the bombing and sees a woman who was taking pics. She orders Huck to get the pictures she was taking so she can look at them.

Leo is at home looking for his stuff when his mom comes in and confronts him.

At Richmond's funeral, Tyler tells Kirkman he's not speaking because he was fired by his dad. Instead he asked Hookstraten to speak and she gives one dynamic eulogy.

Kirkman sort of confronts Hookstraten outside, but not really. Seth, Aaron, and Emily are monitoring social media for all mentions of Kirkman's firing.

Mike takes Alex back to their home where Leo is hiding out.

Someone leaked the terrorist video to the press and Kirkman thinks it's Hookstraten, but she denies it. Turns out it was Aaron who was only doing it for the benefit of the president. Kirkman decides to name Aaron Chief of Staff and Emily will be a special advisor.

Kirkman forgets he was supposed to have a family dinner and goes to the residence to try to salvage something. Everybody is waiting up for him.

Aaron meets with a mystery woman who gives him a file on Kirkman.

Hannah learns that McLeish wasn't in his seat at the State of the Union moments before it blew.

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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Did President Kirkman get a Best Buy gift card for Christmas, or is the White House having some sort of security issue?


I have some very big shoes to fill.