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At ground zero, Hannah and Jason are surveying the scene and talking theories.

At the White House, Kirkman is watching himself on TV getting criticized by pundits. He visits Alex in Penny's room. He doesn't know his way around, so gets help from Secret Service. He goes into a briefing in the Oval Office which is quite hectic. He learns about Muslim attacks in Michigan and tries to get information about the attack. He can't get anyone's attention, so leaves. He goes into a quiet Cabinet meeting room.

Aaron and Emily find him. He tells them he wants a cabinet and they need to get on it.

Seth is walking to work and is accosted by two officers who find him suspicious, but he gets the all clear and is able to leave.

Aaron and Emily are working on figuring out who can be in the cabinet when they learn that something happened in Michigan. 

Kirkman comes into Seth's office to apologize when Aaron interrupts to tell him about Muslims being targeted by police in Michigan. Kirkman calls up Royce and learns he ordered police to do the round up. He insults the President and tells him he has no authority over him then hangs up.

Kirkman meets Congresswoman Kimball Hookstraten, the other "designated survivor" appointed by the Republican party. He meets with her privately and she offers her support and he invites her to Ground Zero. Meanwhile, Aaron and Emily discuss the Congresswoman's experience over Kirkman before trying to get Royce back on the phone.

Hannah goes to a facility where they are holding bodies and also analyzing the unexploded bomb.She doesn't believe the bomb was meant to explode. She thinks the bomb was a plant.

Aaron is still trying to get Royce on the phone. Emily is still working on cabinet members, while Seth is working on remarks for Kirkman to make at Ground Zero.

In the Oval Office, Alex is meeting with Tom about everything that's going on. It's a nice family moment that is interrupted by Cochrane who shoos Alex out of the room because she doesn't have code word clearance. After she leaves, he tells Kirkman that he believes Al Zakar is responsible for the bombing.

In the PEOC, Kirkman is getting information. Cochrane is ready to start a war, but Kirkman is hesitant still. He wants more than 75 percent certainty that Al Zakar is behind the attack. Kirkman isn't willing to give the word until he gets 100 percent certainty that they are responsible.

At FBI headquarters, Jason tells the group there are over 900 dead. He reaffirms that he believes Al Zakara is responsible for the attack. Hannah pipes up and wants to know if the group took credit for the attack. He calls Hannah into her office and she tells him her theories about the unexploded bomb being a plant.

In the White House, Kirkman and Alex get ready to go to Ground Zero. Alex tells Leo to watch Penny and keep her away from the TV. They head out to the site. Aaron, Seth, and Emily go in one car, Kirkman and Alex in another.

At the Capitol, Kirkman surveys the scene and is overwhelmed. He meets with Jason who concurs with Cochrane about Al Zakar, but doesn't tell him about Hannah's theories. Kirkman takes off his vest to talk to the workers.

At the White House Leo gets a call and leaves Penny alone. She immediately turns on the TV and sees her dad.

Kirkman takes the bullhorn and talks to the workers. While he's talking, Aaron gets a call. In Michigan a young Muslim man is being beaten by Michigan police. The media at the event see the same video and start to ask him questions, but Kirkman is confused. There's a guy who looks like he's pulling a gun and Secret Service immediately takes him down while they get Alex and Tom away from the site.

At the White House, Royce still won't take the President's call. Alex tells him the Muslim boy is 17. At Ground Zero, Hannah is upset that Jason didn't tell the President everything.

Tom meets with two men from the Attorney General's office for solutions to the Michigan situation, but neither can agree on what would be the best solution to the issue.

Penny saw the chaos at Ground Zero on the television and Alex is upset Leo didn't do what she asked. Cochrane meets up with Aaron and wants him to convince Kirkman that Al Zakar was behind the attack.

Kirkman is studying Constitutional law to find an answer to the Michigan issue. He confers with Alex when he receives a call that the Muslim boy died. Hookstraten gets Royce for a video conference. Kirkman threatens him and Royce agrees to have the police stand down. 

Kirkman walks with Seth and asks about the morning's events when he was accosted by police. Seth explains and leaves for home.

Kirkman gets the phone number for the dead boy's parents. He goes to Ground Zero again to thank everyone. Hookstraten starts researching Tom on the computer. Hannah looks at the destruction and sees the picture of her missing boyfriend when someone yells that they found a survivor.



Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Royce: There is no Congress. Tehre is no Supreme Court. When it comes to the people of Michigan, I am the highest authority, and you have none over me.
Kirkman: With all due respect, sir, I am the President.
Royce: Not mine. So, you'll have to excuse me, Mr. Kirkman, while you're busy learning how to become president, I got ten million citizens to protect.

We need order, a system, or this is never going to work. We need to get this government up and running.