A Traitor In the White House - Designated Survivor
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We pick up with Hannah's accident. A guy who is "trying to help" is trying to choke her after seeing the CLASSIFIED folder on her passenger seat. She escapes from the car, but leaves behind the evidence and the guy grabs the file.

Hookstraten is still trying to hold off the hearings. Hannah runs and hides from the guy trying to kill her. She's bleeding from the head. She's got a an injury on her side too, yet she continues to run.

Kirkman is showing the bombing file blueprint to Alex. He thinks someone inside the government gave the blueprint to the terrorists to blow up the capitol. He wants her to take the kids and leave.

Hookstraten is threatened by another committee member. Chuck is at his apartment. Hannah is there. He freaks out as she passes out.

Aaron, Seth, and Emily are drinking and watching the news about the hearing. Emily and Aaron get close.They kiss. As expected.

Kirkman is freaking out waiting for the guy who wrote the program/blueprint. This guy is freaking out. He wrote the file to prevent what happened not to cause it. Kirkman wants to know why the guy didn't come forward. There was only a limited number of people who saw the file. He sent the file to General Cochran. WOW!

Hannah wakes up at Chuck's place. A miraculous recovery. Chuck fixed her up by watching a YouTube video. She wants to know why he joined the FBI. He wanted to help people. She wanted to piss her father off.

Kirkman brings Cochrane to the PEOC to talk about the file. He denies ever seeing the file. I'll bet my bottom dollar he is being set up.

Aaron and Emily set up a date to see an Elvis impersonator. She gets a page from the President. He tells her about the blueprint.

Seth is holding a press conference. He completely ignores Lisa. She follows him to ask about why he's ignoring her. Ha. Ha. He's being a dick.

Emily is disturbed that Aaron's name is on the list. She's in the Cabinet room when Aaron comes in. He wants to know why Kirkman asked to see her. She turns his date down. It's obvious she's bothered about the whole thing.

Chuck finds information about the cell phone. 

Kirkman calls in Hookstraten about whe she's holding up the MacLeish hearing. She tells him about Hannah. He tells her that Hannah was "obsessed" with him.

Kirkman asks Mike to find Hannah.

Mike is asking the FBI guy about Hannah while Hannah is at the convenience store to look at surveillance footage to see who bought the phone. She gets a license plate number. How EASY!

Seth is holding another press conference when Lisa pops a question that Seth wasn't expecting. It causes a press uproar. Seth is annoyed.

Emily is at the White House's call center. Mike tells Kirkman what he finds out about Hannah. Kirkman is starting to put two and two together. 

Hannah goes to the address the license plate is from. Seomeone is there running even thoug the house is all locked up. How convenient. It's Langdon. The Chief of Staff is ALIVE. Holy Hell. It's bigger than she thinks. Someone else shows up and a gunfight ensues. Holy Hokey Television show.

Hannah is calling Chuck when she sees a woman calling someone else. Aaron and Seth is in Kirkman's office talking about Nassar.

Aaron figures out that Emily is lying. Kirkman learns about Hannah's adventure in the woods. Chuck tells her everyone is looking for her. She gets information on the key card. She figures out they're planning, whoever "they" are, are going to kill Kirkman.

Kirkman heads to teh building where MacLeish is getting sworn in. MacLeish is having second thoughts.

The swearing in is about to happen. Hannah arrives. Sees the open window and takes a shot while another secret service guy takes down Hannah. A shot rings out, but who was shot? We have to wait until March.



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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Hannah: Hey, Chuck, did you glue my wound?
Chuck: Yeah.
Hannah: Where'd you learn to do that?
Chuck: YouTube.

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How do we run when we don't know who we're running from?