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A shot rang out. Hannah is taken down. Kirkman was SHOT! He's rushed to the emergency room.

Seth is on the phone yelling at the media. Emily has blood on her and she's freaked out. Aaron comes in upset as well. Emily gets herself together.

Alex comes out and tells them that Tom is going to be okay. The bullet went in and out.

Hannah is in an interrogation room. The FBI Director questions her, but Hannah sticks to her statement. She's not giving anything away. They found the keycard.

The team is in with Kirkman giving him updates.

MacLeish is on a phone call getting the news about Kirkman. His wife is there and he shares the news. They are disappointed Kirkman wasn't killed.

Emily tells Alex about the information she found about Aaron.

Seth holds an impromptu press conference outside the hospital to tell them about Kirkman's surgery.

Hookstraten shows up at the hospital and Kirkman tells her she's invoking the 25th amendment to put MacLeish in charge while he's in surgery.

Back at FBI, Mike is going to question Hannah. He asks what she knows about the shooting and why she wanted to meet with Hookstraten. Hannah refuses to give out any information.

Tom goes into surgery. MacLeish heads to the White House.

Hookstraten confronts MacLeish and tells him she's watching him.

Mike questions Hannah again and they deliver secret messages. She jumps on him as he leaves and tells him some information.

MacLeish is trying to be President under the circumstances and handle all the crises happening.

MacLeish wants the shooter suspect to killed. Aaron differs in opinion, but MacLeish wants the guy dead to save his own butt. The target is killed.

Alex is waiting for Tom's surgery to be over. She has a flashback from when he was offered the job as HUD secretary.

Seth comes to check on her and they talk about insignificant things to keep her mind off of what's happening.

Mike visits Chuck who's a little freaked out. He lets him in after he says he's there about Catalan.

They are performing surgery on Tom. He's going into some sort of crisis.

Chuck is telling Mike everything he knows about Catalan.

They stabilize Kirkman. THANK GOD.

MacLeish wife visits him. He's disappointed that Kirkman is going to pull through. His wife tries to comfort him.

Alex visits Tom in his room. He wakes up and smiles. He wants to know what's going on. He wants to be in charge again. He doesn't like what MacLeish is doing.

Seth is holding another press conference. He tells them that the 25th amendment has been revoked and Kirkman is back in charge. Kirkman waves from the window during the press conference. The crowd goes wild.

Mike brings Hannah to meet Tom. She tells him she has information about MacLeish.







Designated Survivor
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