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Kendra goes over the proceedings with Kirkman.

Hannah wants to barge in and tell the president about Frost, but Aaron won't let her.

The hearing takes place and Kirkman's therapist is put on the stand to speak to the leaked tapes and Kirkman's mental state. The therapist explains that Kirkman is of sound mind and has good and days just like anyone else after a tragedy. 

Ethan has Aaron on the stand and asks him about Kirkman's decision to go to war with Kunami. He brings up the fact that they didn't know all the facts that supported the decision until much later. 

Hannah has Chuck looking deeper into Andrea Frost. 

Hannah sits down with Kirkman and shows him all the information she has on Gamine and connects it to Andrea Frost. Kirkman doesn't buy it and is put off by her assertion. He demands more information from Hannah.

Kirkman refuses to sign a healthcare bill that would make healthcare difficult to afford for the masses.

Kirkman calls in his old friend to ask him about Andrea and whether or not she's capable of sabotage.

Andrea is called to the stand, and Kirkman apologizes to her before she's questioned. She tells them about Kirkman's doubts. Kendra figures that Andrea must be cooperating willingly because she was the only one in the room with Kirkman.

Hannah confronts Andrea in public, and Andrea threatens her.

The rest of the cabinet refuses to play ball with Kirkman with the healthcare bill. They're biding their time until he's no longer president because they caught wind of the hearing.

Aaron confronts Hannah about accosting Andrea in public and she tells him that everyone who gets close to her dies.

Emily is questioned on the stand, and she has to find ways to avoid coming clean about her illegal and unethical actions while Ethan is speaking to her.

Aaron and Emily talk about things they plan on taking from the White House if everything goes south. They talk about their relationship and why he didn't pursue her.

Ethan approaches Moss and wants to put him on the stand. Moss' testimony is damaging. He says that he was concerned about Kirkman's mental state for a long time and that was one of the reasons that he left (because  Tom as paranoid). Kendra prompts him to admit that he was fired by Kirkman, but instead, he reminds Kendra that Kirkman gave a press conference about accepting his resignation so he would have to admit he lied to the American people. 

Tom can't act on shutting down the government over the healthcare bill because it would be bad for optics. Lyor figures out that Moss has the cabinet in his pocket because they were all picks he made, not Kirkman, so he started a whisper campaign against Kirkman.

Ethan wants a sit-down. He wants Kirkman to step down on his own.

They bring Trey on the stand next to the stand next. Ethan drops a bombshell that there is a history of mental illness. He talks about Trey's battle with bipolar a decade ago and brings up Kirkman's mom having depression.

Kirkman and Trey talk about spending time together when everything is over. 

Kirkman is put on the stand and he gives an impassioned speech about what the presidency means to him and how he doesn't believe any of the decisions that he has made are worthy of him being removed from office. He leaves shortly after to sign the budget bill that he laid into the cabinet members about when they spent most of the day trying to shake him down. 

Darby informs Tom that the majority of the cabinet feels he's competent to remain president because of the loyalty of his staff and his being the same man he's always been.

Tom tells Ethan that he felt everything he did was personal no matter what he said.

Tom meets with Hannah and talks to her about accountablity. He tells her he has no other choice but to terminate her after her refusing to follow a direct order. 




Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

I'm sorry, about Damian. I don't know what to say.

Chuck [to Hannah]

Kirkman: So I'm going to have to sit there and watch them tear my life apart.
Kendra: No, you're going to sit there and watch us win.