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Charlotte's assistant tells Hannah and Damien that Secretary Moss and Charlotte were having an affair. She tells them that Charlotte and Moss got into an argument and called off their affair the day before Charlotte was killed.

A Turkish protester riles things up.

Leo brings a girl he really likes (Cybill) to the White House. 

Kirkman and the Turkish president are meant to be showing that they are a united front with strong relations, but the Turkish president goes off script in front of the cameras proclaiming that the US government is safely offering up asylum to an enemy of the Turkish government. The Turkish President wants something to be done about the professor in question and threatens to tank their relationship with the US in favor of one with Russia.

 Leo is walking with his girlfriend when they get swept up in the Turkish protest. A protester approaches them and tries to get them involved. When the protester gets into Cybill's face, Leo shoves the guy away. It's captured by the media, and the protester hires an attorney to file charges for a civil suit.

Eva preps for being asked questions about Eric Little.

Eight million starting sum for Leo's incident.

NATO meeting set up to talk with the Turkish president. When it doesn't go in his favor, he threatens to pull out of the agreement.

Gimble interviews Kirkman about Icarus.

Forstell doesn't ask Eva about seeing Eric Little again during the interview.

Mike finds out that President Taran is behind the protestor who attacked Leo. He also figures out that Leo's girlfriend was planted by Taran too to start the whole thing.

Kirkman goes off on Taran and threatens him. They keep their Nato treaty in tact.

Kirkman and Cornelius talk things out. Kirkman refuses to fire him. Cornelius admits to his affair and havng feeling for Charlotte and falling off the wagon.

Charlotte's assistant admits she killed her. She was jealous and in love with her.

Damien and Hannah hook up. He reveals that he may be staying on and working at the Embassy.

Forstall subpoenas ALex. ALex thinks they are being framed. There is an account in Littl'es name in the islands that he set up for her.

Designated Survivor
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