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President Kirkman goes on an unsanctioned trip to Afghanistan for 48 hours. Seth is driving with his little brother, Michael, who is in town and celebrating passing the MCATS. They are pulled over. Seth tells him not to say anything about working for the white house. When the cop sees Seth move a bag into the backseat he tells him to step out of the car. Kirkman meets up with all the soldiers and thanks them for their service. He serves them breakfast. He meets up with Hannah and her CIA friend Dean. They brief kirkman on the mission. Two warlords in the area are causing issues. They have to figure out which one is plotting an attack against America and they hope to flip the other one. Kendra bails Seth out of jail and finds out three were 200 pills that are the equivalent of caffeine pills in the bag. Emily reprimands him and calls him off of his duties. Lyor takes over for the day. Lyor's vetting is flagged because he and his on again off again girlfriend got married years ago in Vegas and he was still filing taxes as if he was single. Julie, his wife comes in, and Kendra expects them to sign an annulment to resolve the tax issue. Kirkman sits down with both warlords and shortly after a bomb is dropped at a nearby market killing many including some Americans. Mike tries to get kirkman out but he refuses. Dean disappeared and Hannah sets out to find him. Mike joins her despite he and Hannah having tension. It turns out mike disagrees on how to protect the president and feels at times that he has to protect Kirkman from Hannah. They get attacked on their way to the safe house and have to work together during a shoot out. They find Dean. Kirkman grills both Bahri and Fayad to determine which one was behind the attack. Bahri set it up to look like Fayad did it, but in the end, Fayad was insulted that he was suspected to begin with. Kendra argues in court that there was no probable cause to search the car. In coirt, she shows that the cop was trying to meet a certain quota and had a history of illegal searches. The case is thrown out but Emily had previously figured out that Seth was covering for Michael. Reporter Tiffany figures out that Seth was hiding his arrest and wants an exclusive to keep quiet. Emily talks to Julie and she doesn't want to sign the annulment because she loves him and she needs the connection to him. Lyor doesn't sign it either.
Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You're on the bench until this clears up. No briefing. No nothing. Low profile means no profile.


I hope these meetings help you make the right call because if we get this wrong, we could be responsible for the next 911.