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Shenandoah National Park is dealing with massive wildfires and the White House has to decide how best to deal with it. The White House decides to remove all the people and let the fire burn out itself.

A church refuses to leave the premise when it's being cleared out. They decide thehold themselves up in a cabin. Theiir leader, David, says he won't leave until he speaks to the President.

David mentions a little girl named Grace with a heart condition.He wants the girl released because he doesn't want her to receive treatment because it's against God's will in his eyes.

Things are tense between Alex and Tom. She prepares for her appearance at the FBI.

Carrie, the baby's mother, refuses to allow her daughter to be treated because it would go against her religious beliefs.

The White House team brainstorms on how best to deal with this religious group without pissing off

Chuck determines that Damian's phone was used to phone the banker, but he also says that the phone could have been cloned.Chuck still tries to convince her that something is off about Damian, but she tells him that she can look out for herself.

The Detective that Chuck contacts approaches Aaron and tells him that Damian is bad news and that he can't find things out about Damian from anyone.

Kendra approaches Forstell with an offer. She wants him to postpone the subpoena to avoid media coverage. He declines but gives her a deal for Alex to take. A no contest plea that doesn't admit guilt. She takes an obstruction plea instead.

Tom doesn't want Alex to take the deal and is frustrated that she isn't fighting hard enough.

Aaron talks to Hannah about Damian and asks if her information is conclusive. He shows her a video the detective gave him that may make him the prime suspect for the arson.

Aaron benches Hannah, but she talks him out of it.

Hannah and Damian trade gifts. She gives him a watch with a tracker, and he gives her a trip to Maui. She mentions that she has a lead and leaves. Chuck tracks Damian to Hannah's house where he tries to access her computer.

Tom meets with a doctor with a special procedure that could mean he'd be able to do the surgery on the baby without doing a transfusion.

When the surgery attempt doesn't go well, Emily is able to talk Carrie into using her blood.

Alex goes to the FBI and is mobbed by the press. Forstell is believed to have leaked to the press.

Kendra asks Forstell to unseal the proceedings and make the testimony public. He agrees.

Grace makes it out of surgery okay and the church leaves the forest fire zone.

Alex does not invoke her fifth amendment right at the proceeding She reads her statement. Alex uses the open record to sandbag Forstell.

.After Damian meets with a mystery man, Aaron finds out that the person is from the Russian Embassy and that Damian may have turned. 

Damian assembles a team and meets with Damian. She tells him that she knows about all of his misdeeds. When he reaches for his pocket to show her something, she shoots him and he falls off the bridge.

Kirkman heads to the hospital to see baby Grace.

Alex calls to tell Tom that she beat the case. She leaves him a message. 

Hannah hits the bar to grieve Damian, but Damian crawls to the short and is still alive. He was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Alex's vehicle is hit by a truck.Alex is killed.

Designated Survivor
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