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The sniper only injured Emily's arm. 

Ethan wants Kirkman to resign. 

Lyor and Seth are in Taurisi on behalf of the president. The country wants to sever ties with the US. 

Aaron asks Kendra if there is a way for the president to fight the charges Ethan is going to file against him. Kendra suggests getting Hannah to speak on his behalf, but Hannah is off the grid in England.

Hannah stops to talk to Damian's daughter. She pretends that she's Amy's roommate and she is out of town. When Hannah realizes she's lying, Amy punches Hannah. 

Leo tells Kirkman he got accepted into Georgetown. 

Kirkman is alerted that a tsunami is hitting Taurisi. Lyor is flipping out when he sees the water coming. He wants to send them help, but because the country wanted to cut ties, the rest of Congress doesn't want to help.

Emily returns because she's worried about Lyor and Seth.

Hannah tries to track down Amy again, but she runs from her. 

Lyor tells Kirkman and the others that Seth is still missing and can't be found. 

Someone is following Hannah and Amy. 

Hundreds of people are dead and nearly everything is destroyed. 

The international community doesn't want to step up to help because the country is so rich and is American territory. 

Damian's safe was cracked open and everything is gone. Amy won't tell Hannah what was in it. 

Amy tells Hannah everything that was in the safe because she has a photographic memory. 

Leo comes to Emily to talk about college. He got into Stanford and wants to go there instead of Georgetown. He worries about his father not liking him move so far away.

Kendra filed an appeal so that they can send Taurisi more aid, but the supreme court won't hear the appeal. 

A supreme court judge, Peter, is pissed off that Emily tried to appeal to him at the funeral of another judge. Peter reminds Kirkman that there is a separation of branches for a reason. He doesn't believe Kirkman a first when he says he didn't send Emily to campaign on his behalf. Then he tells Kirkman that Emily's actions should have her fired. 

Kirkman demands that Emily come to him immediately. 

Moss wants to hire Ethan as a senior advisor for when he runs for President. Ethan initially declines the offer. 

Damian had a list of all the operating agents in British Intelligence. Amy knows it and that's why Valeria wants her dead. 

Lyor is searching around the country for Seth. He finds him. 

Seth talks to the president to update him on what is going on on the ground in Taurisi. 

They formulate a plan where they're considering aid under the country being like a war zone. Kirkman takes it to Congress to force their hand, wanting to provide $3 billion in aide. They decline it and remind him that him coming to them trying to cut corners and have immediate results is why he's in trouble, to begin with. 

Kirkman sits down and tells Leo that he knows about Stanford. He tells Leo that he wants him to do what's best for him and not stick around just to be there for him and Penny. He knows that Leo going to Stanford is what Alex would want. He tells Leo how proud he is of him. 

Hannah decides that she and Amy are going to hunt Valeria. 

Emily tells Kirkman that he should probably make a statement to get ahead of the news of him being indicted and he agrees. She also tells him that she wants to step back and resign from being his chief of staff because she's not a very good one and she has caused more trouble and done unethical things. 

She's aware of the many lines that she has crossed recently and outlined them. He tells her that she'll always be the person at his side. 

Ethan comes to Kirkman and tells him about the offer Moss gave him. Ethan realizes that everyone has angles and that the only one who isn't pushing an angle or agenda is Kirkman. Kirkman tells him that it's too bad that he'll be out soon because of the charges. Ethan gives him a piece of paper to help him out. 

Amy and Hannah bait Valeria. Valeria comes to kill Amy but she and Hannah end up fighting instead. Hannah threatens to bring her in and Valeria reminds Hannah that she's out of her jurisdiction in England and that she herself has diplomatic immunity. Hannah shoots and kills her and tosses the murder weapon in the water nearby. 

Kirkman is able to send relief, aid, and soldiers to help. Taurisi reconsiders wanting their independence and thanks him. 

Amy wants to go with Hannah back to the states so that she can look after her. Hannah is looking at a thumbdrive while on the plane and it shows that Emily was meeting up with Valeria and giving her secrets. Emily is a traitor. 

Kirkman addresses the nation and tells them that he will be running for president in the upcoming election and he will run as in Independent. The paper Ethan gave him was empty meaning that he wasn't pursuing Kirkman after all. 

An elderly woman tells Lyor that Seth saved her entire family and helped them get to the roof. That's why he was up on the roof when Lyor was looking for him. Lyor tells her that Seth is his friend. 



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