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A naval ship, The Verona, is damaged and find itself stranded off the coast of the Persian Gulf. Sailors have died, including the Captain. 

Contact is made with the sailors on the ship, and Tom promotes one of the seamen when they realize no one is in charge. A meeting is arranged with the ambassador of Konami in hopes of retrieving their broken down ship out of Konami territory, but Konami declines.

The Konami ambassador goes on television and informs the masses that the US have been spying on them using the Verona. After speaking with the Admiral, Kirkman realizes that the ambassador isn't exactly wrong as the Verona was in their territory before the monsoon happened that left them stranded and their info was logged on the ship.

Kirkman tries to negotiate but is getting stopped at every turn. The move to remove a sanction doesn't go through. Kirkman finally comes to the conclusion that they will do whatever i takes to get the men back.

They are able to save all the men on the ship except for the man Kirkman made captain. He stayed on so that he could make sure everything on the ship was destroyed and their intel didn't go into enemies' hands. He dies for his country.

Kendra sits down with Eva after trying to get access to her without Alex interfering. Kendra refuses to sign the deposition and later reveals that she did see Eric Little in the 30 years she claimed she didn't. 

Kendra realizes that it means Alex lied under oath without realizing it and that she could be accused of obstruction. She goes to tell Kirkman, but Mike tells her to wait until tomorrow after his hard day.

Emily's father, whom she hasn't seen in over two decades, pops back in her life for a visit. She agrees to see him, then brings him along to work. She is called away multiple times, but he enjoys his time around the White House. She later finds out that he was hoping to get a picture of Kirkman with his invention to boost his business.

Seth comforts Emily. He gets her dinner and they talk. he tells her how great she is, and the two of them kiss. 

Hannah tries to get Mrs. Cray to cooperate, but she doesn't. They accuse her of being the brains. Thorne's assistant is kidnapped and held for ransom. They want Cray to be extradited to Malyasia, but they refuse to turn him over. They track down Peyton, the assistant and save her. Mrs. Cray says she didn't want Charlotte dead.

Video footage shows that Senator Moss was outside Charlotte's hotel room. He went to see her the night she was murdered.

Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Damian: We're going to talk about this?
Hannah: Talk about what?
Damian: What happened between us.
Hannah: Nothing happened between us.

Take care of your crew, Captain. We're coming to get you.