Kirkman Wins  - Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 9
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Phil under FBI surveillance.

They don't know if Moss is involved. Phil won't say because he still wants Moss to win in Hope's of a pardon.

FBI is an independent contractor. Kirkman cannot interfere without looking like he is abusing his power. But he wants to know if Moss had a connection to the terrorist plot.

Mars speaks to Vargas at the FBI and prompts him to move quickly regarding an urgent matter. He reminds him that the FBI fkd up the investigation and if not for hannah Houston would've been under attack. It cost her her life.

Isabel sleeps on Seth's couch at his home. He wants her to go on the campaign trail to help kirkman win votes in Florida during the final leg because kirkman is behind Moss. She tells him about Aaron sleeping with isabel.

Feds raid Phil's house to arrest him.

Isabel agrees to go to Florida but she doesnt want anything to do with Aaron.

With the Phil arrest Lorraine Wants to send kirkman to Texas instead of New York to win over undecided votes who may want to jump ship after the thwarted terrorist attack and Moss' potential connection to it.

Seth arranges to meet Stephanie's mother.

Carrie refuses pills.

Eli discovers the bio agent wasnt meant to kill people of color but to sterilize them. Genetically sequenced to sterilize minorities and change the demographic.

Moss denies knowing anything about Phil or being close to him.

Lorraine is annoyed Tom brought sasha with him to Texas because it may cost him votes. Tom tells Sasha he cannot have her introduce him.

Isabel's parents are coming to meet Aaron in Florida. She hasn't told them about the breakup and it gives Aaron hope.

Detwiler has been asked to resign from boards after the scandal.

Mars and Lynn are in a good place.

Emily says goodbye to her mom and helps her die.

Seth meets Riya. They hit it off. She wants connections to get steohanie into Harvard.

Emily's mother dies. She calls the ambulance and they work on her at the hospital until Emily answers that her mother has a DNR.

Things go well with Isabel parents. Mars goes to taunt Detwiler. The FBI barges in to arrest him. They flipped Ohil and he admitted Detwiler funded the whole thing.

Kirkman's speech goes over well in Houston but Penny is upset he didn't let sasha I introduce him.

Dontae finds out Lorraine's mole is Myles and he gives her a video she wants to leak to the press.

Dontae finds out about the Pegasus software and wants Emily to investigate.

Leaked video footage shows Moss stirring up the sentiment that white people will be the minority and they don't want that. It basically means he fell in like with the genetic genocide.

Emily realizes Lorraine did use pegasus Israeli spyware to tap into Moss'phone.

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Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Emily: New York is still going to Porter.
Lorraine: Well, screw New York! If they're going to keep sucking Democrat balls, then I'm not wasting any more of my precious funds on them.

Seth: I know it's unfair to ask you to play the role of the supportive good spouse, but Kirkman's down in Florida.
Isabel: Seth.
Seth: It just sucks that he has to suffer collateral damage because of what Aaron did. Was it really that bad?
Isabel: He slept with Emily.
Seth: Yeah, fuck that asshole. You're not campaigning for him.