Emaron on the Trail  - Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 5
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A case involving an undocumented kid named Mateo in need of a kidney transplant reaches the White House. Aaron has to handle it. They have to walk a fine line on the immigration issue.

Aaron, Isabel, and Mars race to find ways to pay for this kid's surgery using funds. Aaron gets citizens who become attached to the case donate the money they would have to the campaign to Mateo to pay for his aftercare.

Aarom gets upset when Kirkman decides to deport the family after helping him.

mariluz the woman he helped cross the border reaches him and tells him about the reporters looking for her.

Lynn overdoses and ends up in the hospital. Mars makes it his mission to go after the pharmaceutical companies and FDA.

Dontae is mugged on his way to work. It leads to him educating Kirkman on urban issues and Kirkman meeting with the Black Caucus and securing their support with his changes and plans.

Sasha is harassed in the bathroom by a woman who calls the police on her and is being transphobic.

Hannah is benched. They take down the terror cell of supremacists but everyone at the compound is dead. Eli tells her it isn't over.

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Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Dianne: You should send Hannah Wells thank you cards
FBI Head: I would keep an eye on that one. When she doesn't get invited to the party she gets volatile.

It was a justifiable use of deadly force. I repeatedly asked Crawford to put his weapon down. I guess Hitler worshiping white supremacists don't like taking orders from people of color