Gaby suffers a miscarriage after her fall down the stairs; Susan's mother admits her father is a local businessman, not a war veteran; Lynette worries her kids won't react properly when a stranger approaches; Bree breaks up with the possessive George; Matthew searches for Caleb but is distracted by his relationship with Danielle; Caleb is found and arrested and Gaby identifies him as the intruder, but Betty warns her to stay quiet.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Lynette, I can keep my children alive. When you left this morning, there were four. When you came home, there were still four. When you come home and there are only three, then you get to lecture me.


Lynette: I've got an important assignment for you.
Stu: Great. I'm really ready to take on more responsibility around here.
Lynette: Yeah, I applaud that, but what I for you to help me prove a point to my husband.
Stu: Huh, you wanna make him jealous.
Lynette: Uh, no (chuckles). Actually (takes out some candy) I need you to kidnap my children!