Susan heads into the woods to find Mike and he has to rescue her; Lynette fires Rick after he confesses his love to her; Gabrielle is arrested for assaulting an officer; Edie fears Carlos lost interest in her after Trever's father takes him away.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

(narrating) Anyone can end up a victim. Injured by the actions of others. But whether the damage is inflicted by a cunning ex-wife, or a blow delivered by the object of our affection, the time comes when we must pick ourselves up and continue on our journey. And if we can't, then all we can pray for is a rescue.

Mary Alice

Rick: I'm staying as long as Lynette wants me there. And make no mistake. She wants me there.
Tom: Oh, buddy. You're not thinking this thing through, because Lynette will never leave her family. So the best, and I mean the very best, that you can hope for is to catch her in a weak moment and leave a wound in her marriage that will take years to heal, but it will heal, because I will stand by her and I will love her just as hard as she hates herself for what she did. You still feel like sticking around?