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The action is back on this week’s episode, “The Ballad of Booth” with the season finale just right around the corner.  Tensions build as Lynette and Tom find out Irena is dead, Susan and Mike delve deeper into their financial woes, and Bree tries to blackmail Sam out of her life for good. 

After looking more and more into their deepening financial situation, Susan sets out to collect from Mike’s customers with outstanding balances.  She first attempts to do this by making them all feel sorry for she and her family, but quickly realizes that she must get tough, and not accept their weak excuses for not paying up.  It works - and Susan brings home the bacon, so to speak. Even with Susan’s collections however, she and Mike are still short on paying the bills, so they are forced to give up their home.

Patrick is holding Angie and now Danny hostage at their home, and is asking Angie to build him a bomb, which she apparently did for him before.  Thankfully, Gaby stops over to get a lasagna recipe for Carlos – who apparently can’t stand her lasagna because it is not his mothers.  Angie is able to sneak Gaby a note telling her that she and Danny are being held hostage and to get Nick to help. 

Bree tries to blackmail Sam to get out of her life and business, by writing him a rather large check.  She explains that it is rightfully his because Rex did not include him in his trust as he should have.  She tells Sam that he won’t need to work there any longer now that he has that money – but Sam, refusing to leave, rips up the check.  He later turns the tables on Bree telling her that she will turn the company and all of it’s assets over to him, or he will go to the cops with the info of who really ran over Carlos’ mother.

Lynette and Tom are shocked to find out that Irena’s body was found – and that there is a murder investigation underway.  Lynette also confronts Eddie about the fact that his mother has not been seen in awhile.  Eddie explains that she is most likely off on a bender somewhere, and will be back soon.  Later, he packs his bags – worried that someone may be on to him and tells Lynette he is going to move home to await his mother’s return.

At the police station, Lynette hears that another body has been found, and it is that of Barbara, Eddie’s mother.  She goes to Eddie’s home to talk to him, and before she can say anything, Eddie tells her that he just spoke to his mom and she is in Florida.  Lynette tells Eddie what she heard at the police station.  Realizing he is about to get caught, Eddie locks Lynette in the house.

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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

I am in a chair, not sure how good I'd be in a fight. This thing tips over in a stiff wind.


What about those poor people who are trapped by circumstance? What happens to those who have no choices left?

Mary Alice